Chugga Chugga...

Have I ever mentioned that Truman is obsessed with trains? No? That's funny. Because the kid eats, sleeps, plays, and breathes choo choos.



So when my friend Erin (who has a public blog again! Check it out!) texted me to say that she heard an ad on the radio for 'Trainfest', I ran to Google and became totally pumped to take Truman to this event. I guess it's just a Milwaukee thing but I'm sure there are tons of these types of exhibits all over the world. Because apparently trains aren't just for two year olds (who knew?) and there are significant numbers of old men really into the model train scene. That is kind of what Trainfest is all about---the elderly dudes who dig making train sets as their post-retirement hobby. BUT, this event also had a 'kids zone' area that sounded amazing and totally worth the admission fee of $11 for adults (but free for kids under 3).


Nate had to attend a conference on Saturday, but I still really wanted to take Truman in the morning. My in-laws said they had heard about Trainfest and they had already planned on asking us if we were going and if they could come. And so I didn't have to single-mom it with both kids at this gigantic/overwhelming festival!

Tony and Lois came over around 9 because we wanted to get there right when the doors opened. I'm so glad we went early because holy man, by 11:30 when we finally left (met with much resistance from Truman the Train Boy) it was a MADHOUSE there. Like, kind of scary to actually walk around and not be able to see in front of you. Being there for a little over two hours was plenty of time for us adults and Cecelia, but I am quite certain Truman could have stayed all day long.

The funniest part is that he wanted nothing to do with the cute and free face painting, the free tattoos, the giant Thomas bounce house, the song/dance area, the coloring area, or any of the toys for sale. All the kid wanted to do was walk around and look at trains. And play with a few that were touchable, but mostly he just wanted to stare and take it all in.

Every picture I have shows the same enthralled expression on Truman: totally zoned out and in his element. He did great and was so happy it is hard not to tear up looking at some of these pictures. I love being able to spend time introducing fun adventures to my little man. I'm thankful we live in a big city that provides such adventures!

I took a ridiculous amount of pictures at Trainfest as Cecelia snoozed most of the time in the Ergo. I'll refrain from showing them all here and just picked my faves.



(my fave shot of the day--the detail of these train sets is unreal. And I cannot wrap my head around the amount of money these hobbyists spend on their trains. I thought Thomas was an expensive hobby!)

(I had to snag a few stealth shots of the model train dudes. So cute!)




(wanted nothing to do with this ride but I thought it was fun to photograph)

(fixing a broken track. The trees on this one!)

(loved these plastic tracks so much)

(then we found the wooden train tables!)

(little boys invading the world!)

(my favorite train set ever)

(this is the owner. He was awesome)

(anyone spot Michael Jackson?)

(how about Batman and Robin? The owner hand painted everything here.)

(found some big trains on the floor--much better than being up too high for little eyes to see)

(Thomas and Percy!)




(right before we left, can you say NAP TIME?)

It was seriously so much fun, you guys. I loved watching all of the little boys in their train tee shirts run around like they were in their own personal heaven. I have a feeling we might be going to this event for the next few years---don't see his obsession dwindling anytime soon. And that's okay with me since there could be worse things to obsess over. Like girls. I think I will keep him this little forever;)


  1. This is so cool!! What a great time for Truman - I'm sure he was in complete heaven. Isn't the detail on those sets amazing?? Just blows my mind. This reminds me a lot of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago - they have a huge train section similar to this. You should take T there sometime! Isaac loved it.

    PS - Excited Erin is public again! I just added her to my Reader. :)

  2. I love seeing the world through the eyes of a toddler! I swear I tear up on the daily watching my daughter discover new and wonderful things. What great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome!! Henry is just getting into trains. We are thinking of getting him a train table for his birthday in April!

  4. I LOVE all the photos!! And hey, thanks for the shout-out! ;)

    T was so cute in his train shirt and I just love his enthralled expression. Adorable!!

  5. This looks amazing! Truman heaven :)

  6. So cute. What is it with boys and their trains?!

    We went to something like this when Landon was almost two. Seriously. His mind was blown.

  7. What an amazing event for a train-loving little boy! He looked so in awe of everything there.

    I loved when our son was in the train stage. He would love when we got stopped by a train at the train tracks to watch it go by. He was in that stage from about 2-4. We still have his giant Thomas play tent (the thing is like 5 feet long and about 5 feet high) that takes up a whole room. I bet Truman would love that:)

  8. You are on FIRE with the frequent blog updates lately! Love it :)

    Isn't it nuts how excited you can get for an event just because you know how happy it'll make your kid?? So amazing.

  9. Oh, you have to ask us to tag along next year! I think Eli would be in heaven too! He's not as obsessed at T but he has made my mom sprint down the street with him on numerous occasions this past summer when a train came by :)

    So much fun! Don't you just love doing this for your babe? One of the best things about being a parent!

  10. I have to say, those model train scenes are pretty cool. If you come to StL over Christmas, you need to take T to the holiday train exhibit they have at MoBot. I was pretty impressed when I went!

  11. So much fun!! Was this only going on the past weekend? I think we'll be in Milwaukee this weekend and I'm sure my son would love it!

    1. Yep, just last weekend. Sorry you missed it!

  12. We have a "train store" here in town that is this same exact thing... a re-purposed old building full of old men who spend 1,000 on a single train and stand around all day to talk about them. :) It's free admission so it's definitely our "go to" place on a rainy day! This is awesome!

  13. I love his expression in all the photos, just awe and wonder and a lot of seriousness. This is how my boy gets around stuff like this. SO SERIOUS. :) What a fun thing to do with him, and I love that the grandparents were willing to go along for the ride at $11 each. Grandparents are awesome.

  14. omg, that looks like heaven for little boys if i've ever seen one! Those are some freggin' awesome trains too!


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