Can't decide which Christmas lyrics to use for this post. But Christmas is coming!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's officially okay to discuss Christmas, right? Because I am all pumped up to have our first Christmas in our new home with two kids. Cannot wait to decorate the tree and the house and watch Truman and Cecelia during the magic of the day.

Last weekend downtown Milwaukee had their annual holiday parade (hate that they don't just call it a 'Christmas parade' but whatever). Erin asked me if I wanted to come along with her and her first born, Henry. She figured that since her baby, Ben, was going to need a nap during the morning parade it would be a perfect opportunity for some mom-oldest kid bonding time. And I loved the idea of just Truman and I spending time together since it used to be just me and him so often. Of course, I was really nervous that Cecelia would give her daddy a hard time while he watched her (which happens about 90% of the time these days) but I knew they needed their bonding time, too.

And on this particular day, Cecelia rocked our socks off by being a totally content and happy baby for her daddy. He couldn't get her to nap in her crib because she would just smile back at him like, 'Oh, hey dad! Nice to see you standing there. Let's play!' So he decided to take her to the grocery store instead, armed with multiple options such as the BOB, the Ergo, and the Bjorn. He went with the Ergo when they arrived and she fell asleep right away, so instead of waking her up to go back home in the car seat he decided to walk to another grocery store. Can't stop that duo from shopping, I suppose! Eventually she did wake up and they drove back home but at one point Nate considered just leaving his car at the store and walking home, getting his car later. That is how dedicated he is to keeping his daughter asleep and happy. I think many of us can relate;) But she was happy and did not even cry for him. This. Is. Huge.

Truman and I had a blast at the parade, too. We hit up Starbucks with our double date partners first and then ventured downtown like the urban adventurists we are. :) Parking was kind of a pain and when the wind blew just right from the Lake it was pretty chilly (I think it was about 35-40 degrees most of the time we were there) --but it was worth it.

















(creepy dog)

(making a Star Wars-obsessed little boy very happy)


(one religious thing! Three wise men and Mary/Joseph!)




Hello, Christmas season. Good to see you.


  1. Super cute post and I love all the pics. Henry and I had such fun! Nice to get that one-on-one time with our special first borns once in awhile. :)

  2. First, you really have embraced your Wisconsin status if you were wearing only a sweater and a puffy vest in 35 degree weather! Brrrr...

    Second, it's amazing that you live close enough to the grocery store that Nate could have walked. :jealous:

    Third, I think you should post about Nate and babywearing. I've been trying to convince Rob to fit our Boba to him since I can't wear it anymore with the belly and he won't do it!

  3. How sweet. Truman is seriously so adorable. I love his smile.

    I can't wait to see how you decorate your house!

  4. Awww, fun. I noticed the boys wearing their coats in the car seats. It's much safer to strap them in without coats, though!


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