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I used to dedicate posts to my husband's hilarious quotes. I don't do that much anymore. Let's change that:

Truman: "My butt hurts."

Me: (as I look over to see him with his undies and pants at his ankles, walking towards us in the kitchen) "Buddy, we have to wear pants, even if our butts hurt. We can't be half naked." (attempting to pull up his pants because there is nothing out of the ordinary on his cute little booty.)

Truman: "Why I can't wear pants?" (meaning, why do I have to wear pants?)

Me: "Because we all wear pants. You are a big boy and big people wear pants. Daddy doesn't walk around without pants, does he? No. Because nobody would want to see that."

Nate: "Plus we'd have eight kids by now if I did that."

Um. No. Gross. And hilariously random. But mostly gross. Thanks for the chuckle, my dear!

(picture from 2009. Haven't snagged a 'Nate only' picture since then. Whoops.)
the driver


  1. Ha! I could do this with Rob. He's a firecracker, but I can never seem to remember what he said later! Where do they come up with this stuff!?

  2. Nate!! Lol! I can totally see him saying that.

    The other night Eli insisted on just wearing his undies. Cute, right? That is until he forcefully tried taking all our clothes off - "daddy, pants off. Mommy, pants off". Um sorry kiddo, we aren't nudists :) Although Jim did oblige by taking his shirt off and I was all googly-eyed watching him ;)

  3. There needs to be a "Like" button on blog comments. Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  4. Ha! Such a guy thing to say. I love it.

  5. Watch out! It's airborne!!!!

  6. Funny! Now, I wonder if your son will repeat this information to someone during a wildly inappropriate time? :)

  7. I think our husbands would get along just fine, haha.

  8. That's a super cute pic of Nate - it's been three years since you've gotten one of just him? Time to change that, I think! He's too cute not to photograph on his own once in awhile still. ;)

    Funny stuff, by the way - I love recording things like this to look back on!


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