Winner of Starbucks giveaway

Reading all of your amazing comments on my reveal post was so much fun and it was awesome to hear all about my readers lives. Some of you have been reading for years and others just found me recently. I was stunned by how many of you found me because of my miscarriage posts, as many of you have gone through the same thing. I'm glad that my loss served some purpose for internet strangers and reading about it comforted just one reader then I'm happy I took the time to be honest about my loss. Loved hearing from the other moms out there---and some of us have a LOT in common, to the point where it's kind of eerie! But it's also neat to see that a lot of you don't have kids yet but still come back here to read all about mine. There is just such a mix in this group of readers and it was great to learn more about you. Thanks for coming out of lurkdom, guys! Blogging is a cool thing sometimes. I'm glad I'm still doing it with my new fancy blog design.

And the winner is...

#19 Loni

Email me your mailing address, Loni---I don't have your address through your sweet comment. You can find my email address through my pretty new 'contact me' icon ;)

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