Baby #3: 15 weeks

Fifteen Weeks: 1.14.14

Photo thoughts: Hi, bump! POP!! Woah. I'm pregnant, huh?

Size of baby: An orange, about 4 inches long with movable limbs and long legs. 

Cravings/Aversions: Obsessed with Diet Dr. Pepper this week. Carbonation is the best thing in life right now, although I know it's so 'bad' for me. Limiting myself to a few each week for now. Also really into cereal in the evenings for a bedtime snack. Packing.On.The.Pounds.

What I'm loving: Baby kicks, a belly that seems rather legit, and feeling the highest of highs when I think about how blessed we are to have the privilege of three kids. THREE. Wow. I think I must be at a sweet spot in this pregnancy because I'm definitely very emotional (in a good way) this week.

What I'm anticipating the most: Hmmm, I guess the quad screen next week? Also getting really excited for the 20 week ultrasound which is now scheduled for Feburary 18! Fun fact: Cecelia's big ultrasound was two years and two days ago (1.12.12). Seems like yesterday in a way. Also anticipating the big move for Cecelia into a bed, and into her brother's room. Oh man, that is going to be wild.

Miss anything? Alcohol. Should this be a standing answer that doesn't change from now until July? It's actually not quite as depressing anymore, though, so maybe I'm getting used to the lack of booze. I found comfort after a particularly trying dinner alone with the kids this week that yes, three kids will be hard. Mind-blowingly hard. But there will be wine, so I can deal;)

Worries: Sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant for a solid few hours and then it hits me, and I panic because obviously *something* must be wrong. Thank goodness for the Doppler, yet again.

Differences between pregnancies: Pretty sure I've gained more than 3 pounds total this time, unlike with CC's pregnancy but I honestly don't know and don't ever weigh myself at home anyway. Other than that I still find these two pregnancies a lot alike. With Truman's pregnancy I was still running up to 5 miles at a time---easy there, over-acheiver! Wow. I thought I had energy now, but that is insane! Also noted some acne at this time with Truman and yes! I forgot to mention that this week. A few legit zits popped up this week. Not into it at all, but I guess that is par for the course.

How I'm feeling: Good! We've done parts of p90x yoga this week which helps my mood and mentality about my changing body, and I've been able to take a few longer walks. I still have a hard time waking up in the mornings and stay up too late, but that would probably be the case even if I wasn't pregs. I still love having this new-found energy compared to the first trimester of sluggishness.

Sleep: Yes, no prob.

Movement: Definitely. Almost daily, especially when I'm laying down. Truly the best feeling in the world (see also: I seriously love being pregnant for moments like these).

Boy or Girl: Still thinking it's a girl but after looking back at fat baby Truman pictures, I can totally picture a roly poly BOY baby this time, too. Sometimes I want to ask my belly, 'Who are you in there?' Will find out soon enough.

The Bump: Expands and contracts (er, let's not use that word!) by the hour it seems. Huge at times and flat other times. But I think I have officially POPPED this week. So early compared to before!

Milestones: Wearing maternity clothes. Tops and bottoms.

Best moment of the week: This isn't related to pregnancy in general, but this week (Monday) I didn't start seeing my patients until 11 am. I took Truman and CC to Lori's as always around 8, then headed to the elementary school across the register my boy for junior kindergarten this fall. I am 95% excited 2% sad and 3% in shock that we are nearing the 'school age' days of parenting....which will be a HUGE chunk of our parenting lives! Truman will be at this school through fifth grade, and this fall he will start with mornings only. The timing of having our third child in July means I will be on maternity leave when he starts, which will be great and also probably add to the hormones/drama of that transition. But anyway, I felt very overwhelmed with gratitude for this little life of ours. Excited for my first born to start his school years. Excited for Cecelia to be the 'big sister' at Lori's. Excited to meet this baby. Change is hard but it's so freaking exciting. ;)


  1. I love that you are exactly one week ahead of me so I can sort of see what I can look forward to! :) Also, thanks for doing the baby gear post, super helpful for a newbie like me!

    1. Um, yeah---you should compare to my Truman posts when I was actually semi-active and still running! You will put me to shame otherwise, girl.

  2. You look great! I can't believe it's time for Truman to start school. I've never heard of that program, but it sounds like an awesome way to introduce school.

  3. Man I wish I looked like you when I was pregnant, lol! You carry beautifully. We have kindergarden registration this week and it is totally BLOWING my mind! How is it possible that one of my children is old enough to be in kindergarten already?!?!!!

  4. Love your blog! Congrats on your pregnancy, so exciting. My son is only 9 months, but thinking about having more makes me so happy inside :). Your blog has taught me so much as a new mom and I always feel great after reading, so thanks!

    1. What a sweet comment, Kiara! Thanks for commenting!

  5. It is SO freaking exciting!! You are just a big old ball of joy right now and I love it. :)

  6. I feel you on the diet dr pepper. With my first pregnancy I did not touch one drop of caffeine, second pregnancy I did it every so often. This time around, coffee or tea everyday, and I crave full caffeinated and sometimes full sugar soda after lunch! Doesn't help that we are fully stocked with soda at the office and the soda fridge is right next to me!
    Kudos to you btw for keeping these week by weeks up. I think I've done 2 updates so far, and I'm already 28 weeks. Poor 3rd baby. :(

    1. We will see if I can keep it up. I have a feeling baby 3 will not be getting QUITE as many focused posts as the other kids in the future, but we will see. And mmmmmm, soda.


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