Baby #3: 16 weeks

Sixteen Weeks: 1.21.14

Photo thoughts: Doesn't it seem like my belly is just spreading upward and not really sticking out that much farther? I mean, it's THERE but it's mostly just changing shape at this point.

Size of baby: Avocado. And apparently I need to gear up for a major growth spurt in the next few weeks when baby triples in size (I think I briefly read this on my BabyCenter app update)

Cravings/Aversions: Coffee, diet soda, and cereal are my faves. In moderation, of course, but I love all food in general right now. Blueberries are particularly amazing and I think I ate an entire crate of nectarines last week. Would give various body parts for a glass of red wine, too.

What I'm loving: Being 'four months' pregnant, feeling consistent movement, having a decent amount of energy

What I'm anticipating the most: Quad screen on Friday, and then the big ultrasound in four more weeks. Also anticipating moving Cecelia into her brother's room which will probably be soon and could go either way (smooth or horrible).

Miss anything?  Kind of missing running lately. See above re: red wine.

Worries: Birth defects. Not being able to find patience with three kids. Never feeling balanced/settled again. (This is always the most depressing category, btw)

Differences between pregnancies: Well, obviously I'm still way bigger now than I was with Truman---apparently I didn't even wear maternity clothes until 24 weeks with him. With Cecelia I just started wearing mat. clothes and just felt the baby kick from the outside! I was still checking the HR with my doppler daily and I'm not doing that anymore at all. The last time I checked I know the HR was down to 145 or so, from the initial 188 when I found it the first time at 9 weeks. So cool how the heart slows down a bit as they bulk up. Also love that with Tru, I was already researching baby gear and we bought the crib. So much easier this time around! Although we DID get a new high chair this week on Craigslist which counts for something. Amazing Craigslist find, just like our crib that has been used for both babes! ($65 for the Boon Flair high chair I've wanted for two years, great condition, and they go for $280 new. Amazing!)

How I'm feeling: Good! Did yoga about four times this week and had one good long walk outside in addition. Finally feeling good enough for regular exercise and I ordered one more yoga DVD (Bar Method Pregnancy DVD--anyone tried?) which I cannot wait to try. P90x yoga is getting kind of boring for me even though I still can't tolerate it for the full 90 minutes. Also going to order 'Exhale Yoga' and Bethenny's yoga DVDs. I feel like these three new DVDs should get me through the pregnancy or at least until it's warm enough for solid walking outside.

Also, this is probably TMI, but I told Nate that my boobs are fantastic right now. Finally perking up a bit but they aren't too huge and unruly. If I ever did get a boob job someday (is on the table with how frightening they were post-nursing my second child) I would want them to be about this size forever. Probably a B cup. I know, pathetic but great for me!

Sleep: So good that it's really difficult to wake up no matter how much sleep I've just gotten. Need to go to bed earlier at night but I usually find a second wind right when the kids go down---go figure.

Movement: Yes, daily now. Those sweet little kicks will surely become more painful and annoying with time but I'm still in awe each time I feel my baby move. The best. Might even be getting close to feeling a few taps on the outside but we will see.

Boy or Girl: Still thinking girl most of the time. Will find out in four weeks exactly!

The Bump: Fluctuates in size, still not noticed by a single stranger. But fitting nicely into my maternity tops.

See how different it looks at times? This is me trying to flatten my lower back and stabilize my posture versus letting it sway a lot more than normal. Same day, a few seconds apart. This stuff fascinates me.

16 weeks changing bump
Milestones: Four month mark!

Best moment of the week: Truman and I were talking about the baby the other day, and he was saying that he is going to be a big helper. I asked how and he said, 'Like feed the baby, rock the baby, get the baby her pacifier.' He still thinks it's a girl, obviously. Then he paused and said, 'You know what the baby is going to need? She will need a monkey or a froggie, or something soft like that to sleep with.' My sweet boy loves his lovey (monkey) so much, he wants his siblings to have that same comfort. He went to the store with Nate the day CC came home from the hospital, and they specifically went to buy froggie. This time Truman tells me his new baby sister will need a lamb or a zebra. I honestly didn't even think about a lovey for this baby but apparently Truman is on it! His tender heart amazes me sometimes.


  1. Haha, I'm totally getting new boobs when I'm officially done with pregnancy/nursing! Mine somehow manage to get smaller and smaller after each baby…I joke that when Walker weans, they will probably be coming out my back! I love my nursing boobs (like after the baby is several months old and they have calmed down a bit)…nothing huge, just like a large B. I'd say we earned a new set after years of making and feeding babies!
    It is nice to already have all the baby stuff you'll need, but I also remember feeling a little anxious about not getting anything. Like I felt like I SHOULD be preparing with all this stuff, but there really isn't anything to get. With our 3rd, I got to buy boy clothes, which was fun. But other than that, he didn't get anything new.

  2. Wow you were so small with Truman!! I'm sure I wasn't showing at all then with Annie either - so crazy how different it is with each pregnancy!!

  3. That is so sweet! I'll give you some of my boobs! That sounds weird since I don't know you but after following for almost a year I feel like I do. haha
    Please tell us how the dvds are. They are always hard to pick out good ones. I need more yoga in my life!

  4. This is the first photo when I've actually thought "Whoa! Belly!" You are definitely looking pregnant. I love it!

  5. You will LOVE the Boon high chair. We just traded in our Keekaroo for the gray / green Boon and it's a whole new world.

  6. Truman is the sweetest. And I love your belly!!

  7. Oh, I love love love all these updates. Sounds like everything is going so well. I can't believe you can already feel the baby move so much. I don't think I felt Mac until nearly 17 weeks. Your bump is adorable and I'm so impressed with all your yoga-ing. Go mama!

  8. I hear you on the tatas! Where do they go anyway? Truman's heart - oh my he is a sweetie.

  9. Adorable belly!! Crazy how much bigger things are this time around eh?


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