Six Questions: A survey and giveaway

I was contacted by Six Questions, a startup based out of Harvard and MIT, which allows internet personalities to answer their fans' top questions. Pretty hilarious to think of myself as an 'internet personality' but this might be fun! Not to mention that I made a 30 second video that is totally cringe-worthy and awkward, but maybe that's just because it's always so weird to see yourself on video. Decide for yourself, I suppose.

So here is the deal: I'm the featured person on their site from today through Saturday 1/11/14. That means you guys need to go to this site, watch my awkward video, and submit questions for me to answer. You can also vote on any of the other questions people have already submitted (and there are a few good ones already!). Then at the end of the week, I will answer the top six questions you have presented and will do another (likely) cringy video answering them. No doubt it will be much longer than 30 seconds---I like to talk;)

Here is a little more incentive for you: if your question has the highest number of votes, you will get a $25 gift card from Amazon. If you submit the second most popular question it is $15 to Starbucks, and third highest will be $10 to Starbucks.

So make those questions good ones and be kind;) I'd like to consider myself an open book for the internets but some super personal stuff obviously won't fly. I mean, I HAVE already talked about making babies and menstrual cycles quite a bit in the past 6+ years, but even I have to draw the line somewhere.

Don't comment with your questions here! Head over to the Six Questions site instead and have fun analyzing my southern turned northern accent!


  1. Love it! And I don't think the video is awkward at all!

  2. Love it--and I don't think the video is awkward at all!

    ...BTW, discovered your blog just now through Six Questions and I LOVE your photos. I have a similar camera and the same prime lens and my photos aren't anywhere as I guess I have to learn how to use my manual settings!

  3. Thank you for being our guest Julia! We are really excited to have you. And if there is one thing you're not lacking in, it's personality!

  4. Just got a chance to watch the video...holy cow, you sound like such a Northerner!! No Missouri left in that accent, that is for sure. :)

  5. Julia! Thanks for answering my question! I've read your blog FOR-EV-ER!! I have loved watching your family grow and enjoyed hearing your wish-list about your house- My husband thinks I'm crazy for all of the things I'd love to do our house, so I totally get it! I loved the Six questions and always look forward to blog posts!!


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