Moms Make It Work: Guest Blogging Series

All moms are freaking rock stars. We all wear multiple hats, spread ourselves a bit too thin at times, and juggle the demands of busy lives every single day. Whether or not a mom leaves the house to work outside of her home, if she owns her own business based out of her house, or if she answers to the tiniest slave driving offspring as her primary job---it's all super challenging at times. Of course, it's also wonderful, but motherhood is quite the trip. We all do it differently because there is no one correct choice that fits all moms and all families. So enough with the mommy wars on SAHM v. Working Moms. Support. Togetherness. Kumbaya, friends.

One thing I feel the blogging community is lacking is a collective voice of REAL moms, coming from all backgrounds, speaking about what 'works' for them. So here is the platform. Here is the guest blogging series that allows us to peek into the lives of other moms that 'make it work. Enjoy!

{If you aren't viewing this on a mobile device, you can hover your mouse over each icon to see a brief title/description of each poster. You can also click the labels at the bottom of this post to see all of the posters who fit certain criteria.

I will also try to link through the labels right here:
life as a working mom,
part-time working mom,
SAHM life,
work from home mamas,
solo parenting,
military life,
single moms,
and moms with kids who have special needs.}

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Part Two: Recruiting Certain Types of Moms/Situations
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  1. Hey I really like what I am reading so far! Thanks for the perspective. I am a graduate in exercise science and am amping up to apply to pt school next year. I wanted to know if you or any women you know completed PT school with kids? Any insight you have on that would be amazing!

    1. I had mine after I finished school, but I do know of one previous co-worker who did it while having children.


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