Baby #3: 14 weeks

Fourteen Weeks: 1.7.14


Photo thoughts: Huh, I feel like the bump is much bigger in real life compared to this picture. Next time I need to eat a huge meal and THEN show it off to you.

Size of baby: A lemon, who can suck her thumb already. So freaking adorable.

Cravings/Aversions: Give me all the food. I have hit a point when I'm starting to get worried about gaining 40 lbs+ and am pretty sure I'm already packing it on like a pro. Having an appetite again, not working out much at all last week, and coming off the Christmas festivities means that I'm feeling like a fatty. But I also have the foresight to realize this is nothing and I'm going to get about 82 times bigger than I am now. Lord help us all.

What I'm loving: Feeling baby taps (!!), eating, marveling at the bump, hearing baby's heartbeat with the doppler which is now around 155 bpm.

What I'm anticipating the most: 20 week US is rapidly approaching although not yet scheduled (but apparently I already scheduled it by now with the other pregnancies, so maybe I will call tomorrow!). Thinking a lot about how we will find out the sex of this babe and of course, making sure everything looks healthy in there at the big US.

Miss anything? Alcohol, of course.

Worries: That this is all too good to be true somehow. Still sort of in denial, I think.

Differences between pregnancies: Pretty similar to Cecelia's 14 week post, and Truman's post wasn't that far off, either. Headaches, bigger boobs, tired, appetite that won't quit...sounds right to me!

How I'm feeling: Not quite as energetic this week. Always hungry. A few horrible headaches happened, always on work days. But on days when I drink a cup of coffee (usually only when I'm home) it seems to be better. All the more reason to stay with caffeine, I guess.

Sleep: Lots, and I have even napped a few days recently. Baby must be sucking a lot of energy of me lately.

Movement: Yes! Officially loving the baby kicks. This is around the time I felt CC move, Truman wasn't until 15 weeks. It's mostly when I'm laying down and not constantly or anything, obviously. But still the best feeling ever.

Boy or Girl: Haven't listed this one before since I had no preference and no intuition. But I have had two very vivid dreams about giving birth to a baby girl. Maybe it's just because Cecelia is my 'baby' right now and I feel like this might be CC's sister growing inside my belly. A boy would be wonderful, too, but I'm thinking girl. We shall see soon enough!

The Bump: High and shockingly big, relatively speaking to other pregnancies of mine. Still no comments from strangers so I'm sure it only seems 'big' to me at this point. Definitely fluctuates in size throughout the day, biggest in the evenings and after meals.

Milestones: Pulling a few key maternity clothes from the old storage bin. It's time, my friends, and I have no idea what I will do when the weather turns nice again. I only have winter maternity clothes and hate the thought of buying new stuff for a few months. Good thing it won't be warmer than 9 degrees here for a solid 6 more months, it seems.

Also, finally took the plunge and started talking about names with Nate. I've been compiling a list of my favorites for a few weeks now, but was way too nervous to broach the subject with Nate. He likes to shoot down my absolute FAVES and then I get sad/hormonal/irritated. But I was pleasantly surprised this time around when he didn't hate all of my picks (some of them, yes). This makes me think maybe we can actually choose a name without coming to blows for this final baby! (Slightly dramatic, but it was really difficult to pick Cecelia's name last time).

Best moment of the week: At my company's Christmas party last weekend, I was pondering the fact that I was the only sober person in the room. And then the baby started kicking and all I could do was smile. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for this pregnancy. I just cannot believe I get to do this again. That I have our third child growing in my belly. That we get to meet another human being that will be a huge part of our lives. There is so much to anticipate in the next few months and yet, just being here in this moment with my little/big 14 week belly is enough to keep me overwhelmed with happiness.



  1. Your positivity about this pregnancy is contagious, thank you!

  2. I wish I felt like eating!! I am still throwing up, so food sounds nasty to me. Naps are a daily occurence around here, but going back to work tomorrow means no more weekday naps :(. Boo!

  3. I can't believe you feel movement so early! I didn't feel a thing with Annie until 20 weeks, and Luke almost that long too. Love that part, especially before it gets painful :)

  4. Love it! I am thinking girl for me too although I have no reason to think such things! It will be fun to find out if we will (for the third time!) go one and one, or if this time we will both be welcoming the same gender!

  5. And to think you were on the fence. ;)

    Love your bump!!

  6. I think I've already said it, but I'm totally thinking girl this time around for you! Of course, I'm basically always wrong, so who knows.

    Will you keep the name a secret this time? I like your name choices, so I'm looking forward to hearing some contenders!

  7. So stinking cute!!! Love that dressed up belly. We are hoping for a third here sometime... and boy your making me want to be pregnant right this instant!!!

  8. Having been pregnant in both winter and summer, I found that summer clothes lent themselves much more to being maternity-friendly. I wore mostly non-maternity maxi skirts, long tanks, and a lot of sundresses. Only thing I definitely needed was a nice pair of maternity shirts!

  9. Eek so excited to find out what you're having. Also, your bump is adorable!

  10. Ahh so cute and you are like the same size as me post partum if not smaller! I def think you are having a girl too :)

  11. You look great!! So glad everything is going well. My husband and I have had a really hard time with agreeing on a girl name. We new for sure what Jackson's name would be, but I'm 23 weeks pregnant now and we still don't have a definite name for our baby girl. Grr. He shoots all my names down too and it makes me sad. :-(

  12. You look great!

    Are some of your names hold overs from C and T, or do you have a list of entirely new ones? Can't wait to hear about it all! (I feel like it's a girl too...but I don't even know you in person, so who knows where that feeling comes from?)

  13. A.--yep, some of the names on our list are repeats for sure. Some are new---we have a big list right now! ;)

  14. Your little bump is so cute :) I am currently 11 weeks along with #2 and I could hardly believe how quickly I popped out this time! SO not complaining though- loving it :) Congrats to you!


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