Aug 10: Saturday Mornings

I don't think this is anything too earth-shattering, but Saturday mornings are pretty much the best time of the week for my family. Friday nights are great and all, but we are usually tired from the work week and it's only the evening hours that are really 'ours'. But Saturdays? The best, because we have the whole weekend spread out in front of us. My favorite Saturday mornings involve no plans at all. Just bumming around the house with the kids for a bit before we really get our butts into gear and start running our errands/laundry/cleaning/etc/etc/etc that all fits into a weekend somehow. The calm before the storm, if you will. I love (most) Saturday mornings 1000x more than I love Sunday nights when the weekend is over and it's back to reality the next day. Mondays are when my family can't spend every minute of the day together---which of course, is both a good and bad thing depending on everyone's mood.

Because if every day was a weekend day, or even if every morning was a Saturday morning, then it wouldn't be special anymore. It wouldn't have that palpable sense of contentment and happiness and anticipation for some time to r-e-l-a-x and reconnect.

I'd still like to bottle up the feeling of a Saturday morning, though. Even if they don't come often enough I realize it's better that way. Somehow ;)

This past Saturday morning involved tickling the kids, eating a yummy breakfast in more than 2 minutes flat, dancing to music, drinking LOTS of coffee after a 5 am wake up call from Miss Thang, and then some time in our backyard and driveway. I pulled out the real camera because the light was just too perfect. Let's remember that we had already been up for three hours at this 8 am time of day. Apparently 8 am is a great time for sunlight, but also the excitement of a Saturday morning automatically makes pretty pictures, if you ask me.

These two make me smile. They are actually playing together nicely...quite frequently...and I cannot get enough of it.










Love them so.


  1. Coffee and jammies and sunshine and lots of togetherness - Saturday mornings are definitely the best. ;) Sweet post!

  2. Maybe it's because I'm home allllll the time, but I love to get ready and run errands as a family on Saturday Mornings. Today we went to Costco. But we stopped for coffee on the way.

    Any morning with Coffee is better.

    Weekdays I often let my kids play in the backyard in their jammies. It's so nice and relaxing and cool!


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