Aug 11: Help Me Choose, Part 2

Okay, besides having one wedding picture on this new wall of pictures, I also have to pick seven others. I'm thinking one will be from our 'four generations' photoshoot but I'm not entirely sure yet. I won't make you vote on that choice though, promise.

So for the other six images, I went through and pulled some favorites of our family. At first I thought I'd keep each shot to being more than one person in it (ie: not just a single kid shot) but whatever, that's not important. I think making all of the images black and white will be a cohesive theme enough, and some can have lots of people in them and some can be a single person. Posed and candids can balance each other out. I do want a wide variety of pictures and kind of like the comparison shots of 'parents plus newborn' with both Truman and Cecelia being itty bitty. But I want opinions here.

A. Will most likely do this one for sure. Cannot beat the magic of the first baby with new parents!

B. Also love this one of my baby Truman and his mommy. Photo by Andrea when Truman was about nine months.

C. Possibly this one of our family of three plus Henry around Christmas of 2010. Just because if I do a 'family of four' shot from later on, I like to have one when it was just us three, too. This one is by Andrea again.

D. HERE IS WHERE I NEED YOU. I will probably only do one from Cecelia's birth photography by Andrea and I am torn. Help!







See? It's hard.

E. I also really want to do one from Cecelia's newborn photoshoot with Andrea. I don't want these to be all CC and get very weird about making things 'equal', but come on. Adorable baby girl needs a spotlight here. Also, I would have A, B, and C from the 'Truman only' days to make it more equal. So potentially three of 'just Truman', I could do up to three of 'just Cecelia' and I'd still be ok in the sibling equality realm.

F. And do I also do one from the newborn 'family' shoot Andrea did for us, too? OMG.




G. Have to do a 'current' one of Cecelia during her one year photoshoot by Andrea. Man, Andrea---have you taken enough awesome pictures for us or what??

H. So then I need a 'current' one of Truman, too. I could do this one or convert one of the 'Truman only' shots into black and white, from Andrea's four generations photoshoot.

I. Then what about a picture with both of my kids tugging at the heartstrings?



J. And this is my favorite family-o-four-shot right now. I could always replace this one with our Christmas card photos each year to keep this wall semi-updated, though. Isn't it hard to get a bunch of prints on the wall and then they feel outdated instantly? Kind of like getting a new computer. It's awesome for a bit and then it seems to need an upgrade a day later. Whatever.


Throw some letters out there for me, folks. That's potentially ten photos up there and I can probably only do 6-7 since one will be a wedding picture and one might be a 'four generations' shot.

Or just pick your favorite one of all time up there and maybe that will help me make a decision, too. I hope this post doesn't hurt your head like mine.

Such a #firstworldproblem to have too many awesome pictures of my sweet family. I know.


  1. Ok I definitely love D1, you and CC, so much joy in that photo. And I2 is just perfection. You have a lot of awesome photos to choose from, can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  2. Gah, I'm torn too! Too many favorites. You just need more walls ;)

  3. OK, I say either D3 or D5, F1 (because there is already a pic of just you and T, so it seems fitting that there should also be one of just Nate and CC), and I1.

  4. D1, F1 and I1 would be my choices!!

  5. D6, F2, I2. Or switch the parents in D and F. :-).

  6. I love D3, D4 and D5.

    I love F1.

    I love, love, love I2.

  7. D3 and I2

    Can't wait to see the finished wall!

  8. Would do A, D3, E, I2, J, snap a current photo of both C & T together, and then one from the 4 generations shoot (or omit E and do both the current shots of C & T you have above).

    It's so hard to choose! I totally did a photo collage at Costco when we had a gallery wall because I couldn't choose! ;)

  9. Wow, this is hard! So many beatiful images! I'd say D1 or D3 from those options, and then I like F1 and I1 for the others. LOVE your picture wall!

  10. D3 gets my vote for sure, with D1 a close second. And F1 for sure, that is just TOO sweet of little baby girl with her daddy!

    Such a first world problem indeed, but I feel ya. So many good ones to choose from!! Can't wait to see the finished wall.

  11. So many good choices! I think I'll be a sibling equality nut too when we have our second, so here are my faves if I'm picking six: A, D3 (seems equivalent to A to me and is just gorge), G, H, I1, & J. You really can't go wrong, though! :)

  12. D3, for sure F1!!!!!, I1 seems more candid and love that it captures the love between the two of them. Hard choices!!

  13. D3 and I2 I LOVE!!! I don't envy you having to choose.

  14. I don't comment very often, but my favs: D3, F1 and I2 :) Can't wait to see this finished wall of pictures!

  15. D3, F1 (Love this one of daddy and daughter!), and I2 (I just love Truman smiling down at his new baby sister here! So sweet!)

  16. Wow, this is SO hard! I seriously had to take notes as I read so I could gather my thoughts, haha. So, I LOVE D1, I like D3 too and I like Daddy being in the picture, but I would do D1 and then do F1 to get the daddy/daughter shot. Also, I like 12 vs. 11 because of Truman's smile. Seriously though, all these pictures are amazing... I'm thinking about doing this in a hallway I have upstairs, thanks for the inspiration!

  17. D1 or d2 F1 and for sure I2


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