Aug 24: To Cecelia


You are stunningly beautiful. I'm not just saying that because I'm your mom, but you truly do take my breath away with your extraordinary red curls, giant baby blues, and little doll face. In a world that places heavy emphasis on the superficial, I hope you can take your beauty in stride.



Because soon enough you will have a complex relationship with your exterior. Your body, your hair, your skin, your smile....all of these may be under fire from your self at some point. They could be under scrutiny from your peers, too, but I want you to be confident enough that you let other's opinions roll off your (beautiful) back. And confident enough that negative self-talk is a rarity. Build yourself up, rock those red curls, and know that your true beauty comes from within. We love you no matter what.




Your innocence is another thing that makes my heart ache. You are so trusting, so curious, so innately good. I wish I could protect you from all of the heartache and pain you are sure to encounter in this life, but since I can't I will just tell you that I'll be here for you when you need me. Which is a lot right now, and hopefully you'll still need me quite a bit in the future, too. Never lose that sparkle in your eye. Never forget that we love you no matter what.



At just fifteen months, I find myself giddy with excitement anticipating your journey into adulthood. There are just so many awesome memories to be had. But in your short life you've already provided us with some amazing moments. Your first smile, first time saying 'mama', first unprovoked kiss for your brother, first run-and-reach for your daddy...I could go on, but I won't. Oh, you bring such joy to our lives, little girl. I'm both excited for you to grow and sad that it's going so fast. I honestly would not trade a moment of this crazy life for anything and feel incredibly grateful to be your mom.

Your great-grandma sewed this vintage pink tatting onto this new green dress.

The tatting was made by your great-great grandma, Sweetie, and her favorite color was pink (I think it runs in our family). I wish we could have had a few years of five generations of women in this family, but four will have to do for now. And I can't help but think of how much my mom must have loved me when I was your age, and Memaw before her, and Sweetie before that. Becoming a mother myself has given me a new appreciation for my own--something I hope you get the privilege of understanding one day.

I love you, sweet girl. Sorry that I'm a sap. I can't help it sometimes.



xoxo, Mama


  1. This is beautiful. CC is blessed to have such a supportive mama!

  2. Beautiful post! Having just become a mama myself to my darling little girl almost 8 months ago I relate to all of your sentiments in this post and find myself saying many of those things on a regular basis. I reflect almost daily on how my Mom must have felt when I was a baby and i now have a true appreciation for all she did for me.
    You are a wonderful Mom and doing an amazing job.


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