Aug 25: To Truman


The other day you told me the following:

"Mommy, when you got out of our car to get your hair cut, you told me goodbye. Then I said, 'There goes my best friend.' "

I cannot tell you how much I crumble over words like this, buddy. You regularly tell me that I'm 'still' your best friend, which really sweet considering that sometimes I feel we constantly butt our (stubborn) heads together. You and I are a lot a like, buddy. We battle our wills and we hug it out.

There is nothing quite like being your mommy. You are my first-born, my son, the one who gave me my most cherished title of 'mommy'. When I think back about our 3.5 years together, it's like I'm viewing a rapidly changing movie reel. Or a slideshow of pictures that is going so fast, I can't quite pause on each special moment the way I want to pause. Wow, it's flown by quickly, Truman. And yet, I cannot imagine a day of my life when I didn't get to see your dimpled grin.

One year from now you will be starting preschool. I cherish our extended time at home even more, just thinking about that huge transition for us next year. I'm excited for you to grow up even more but perfectly content with cuddling you as my 'baby' whenever you will allow it.



You are awesome, Truman. You are like no other boy I know, and I wouldn't change a single thing about you. Well, I'd love it if you ate better and slept in your own room more often than not. But I've learned there is always *something* going on with you, which is just another way you keep us on your toes.


Oh, this face, Truman. You are going to be one sought-after teenager, which is something I'm really not excited about happening. For now, you are my boy and I will drink you in as much as I can. I love you so much it hurts, even when you drive me bonkers (in bad and good ways).



  1. Oh the cuteness! I can't wait until my boys can talk. I hope they say wonderful things like that!

  2. You can just see the sweetness in Truman's face! Mothers and sons...such a special bond! <3

  3. Again, love.

    These sentiments are all too familiar. ;)

  4. Your boy....he's definitely one of the best! ;)


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