Aug 31: Daily Blogging for a Month-- Complete!

Wow, I did it! I blogged every day for the month of August. Are you sick of seeing a new post of mine pop up in your feed? It's not going to continue every day, but it really wasn't too hard for me since I allowed myself to work ahead on daily posts and schedule them out once I got one finished.

Like I said before, I did type on the blog every day. I just didn't start and complete an entire post in each sitting. Obviously some of the posts had more 'meat' to them than others, but overall it really was fun for me! Surprisingly so, actually. Kind of makes me want to stay more active over here because it feels nice to get it all out into a post, you know?

Sure, it took up a lot of my 'me' time. I could have been watching a show on the couch with Nate during my blogging time, or responding to friends' emails a little quicker, or napping during my kids naps on those days when we were all up at 5am. But I didn't mind spending some time on this old blog. I still thoroughly enjoy reading back over my old posts and reminiscing about moments in our lives that would probably never be remembered in such detail without this blog. Oh, blog. I still love you.

I do have Truman's 3.5 year old post going up tomorrow just because I can't do that *early* and live with myself for having it posted on 8.31.13 instead of 9.1.13 ;) I have two other topics that commenters requested, which I haven't written yet:

-feeding babies solids, and how to get them to eat instead of just drink milk
-what it's like having my kids in daycare

Any other topics I should hit in the next few months?

I still have a few of my own drafted but none of them are all that interesting and I kind of lost my motivation on most of them.

Now that I won't be blogging every day, I very much look forward to FINALLY starting Cecelia's first year photo/blog post album. I've been saying this for over three months now and it's time because soon enough I will be working on family albums for the Christmas season! But it's time and now I might actually be capable of editing down the number of pictures to something more manageable than 3000 or whatever I would have chosen right after her first birthday. ;)

Thanks for reading this month!


  1. I for one really loved your posts this month! Maybe it's part of me to dust off my old blog too. I can't believe Truman will be 3.5 tomorrow...because that means I've been a reader for over 5 years for sure, because I definitely started before you were pregnant! How time flies!!

  2. I've loved your month of blogging! I'm a little sad it over.

  3. I have LOVED the daily blogging! A post/posts I'd like to see is a super hard request, but one I'd like to do as well. We've both done Day in the life, but I'd love to document a whole week. I want to do it on my end because with hub's schedule each day is different, and I'd live someone else to do it at the same time to keep me accountable:)

  4. I looooooved having all your posts to read this month, especially since I was internet obsessed. I wasn't able to comment as much as I wanted to (due to the laziness/pukes) but I did have so much to say!

    Also - I mentioned in my recent post that I just went through all your archives. You posted baby pictures of Nate a couple times and there is such a resemblance to CC!

    I am now getting to all my saved posts so I can finally share my comments!

  5. You should blog about what pics u ended up choosing for your wall.

    1. Erica-I did! Look back through the August archives to find a "wall update" post.

  6. I agree with Kristal--I'm sad your month of blogging is over! You've inspired me, though, to start blogging again. I may have to set a daily goal, too, once I get back in the swing of things!

  7. I have enjoyed your posts immensely! I have stopped reading most other blogs, but I always still check yours! Love watching your family grow from Truman...and now CeCe as well! Please keep the posts coming!

  8. Agree - loved the daily blogging and I'm very impressed you did it!

  9. I loved the frequent posting!! You're one of my faves (the adorable children might have something to do with it!)...hope you keep it up :)


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