Aug 27: My Little Punk

Me: "Truman, I want to surprise daddy with an iPad for his birthday this year. It's something he's wanted for a long time and I think he will be super excited to open this special gift from us." (Also, I have to redeem myself from last year's gift of new bed sheets. #fail)

T: "Can I tell daddy he is getting a present from us?"

Me: "Sure, but please don't spoil the surprise about it being an iPad. Then we will have to think of something else for him, because I really want it to be a surprise this year."

T: (as Nate walked in for his part of bedtime songs) "Daddy, we are going to get you an----(Nate slams his hand over T's mouth). An---(same thing as before). We are going to get you something GoGo has."

Awesome, he's totally going to give it away. But I walk out after telling T to please not tell our secret. I know we are doomed at this point and my awesome idea will be a total let down.

Nate then came downstairs to say that during his nightly rendition of 'Twinkle Twinkle', Truman simply sang the word 'iPad' over and over perfect pitch to the song, right along with Nate's real lyrics.


Lesson learned: Never trust a three year old with a secret. Duh. 

Do not blame Monkey, Truman. This one is all you ;)



  1. Thanks for the laugh with my morning coffee. :) That kid is something else. Love him!

    Nate will still love his birthday gift!!

  2. I'm sorry, but this just cracked me up. I love that he TRIED to not tell. But, it's just too darn exciting.

  3. Hahahaha....

  4. Hilarious!!

    I always wonder IF we were to get pregnant again, how I'd keep it from Eli. He'd be sure to spill the beans! Jim and I would need a code word or something. Ha! Kids!


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