August 2: Digging through the archives

I'm currently recording this day for a DITL post and whew man, I'm exhausted from this plus a long work day plus the kids. And I really want to start typing out my DITL post and upload some pictures, but I shall refrain. Because I promised a blog post every day and there's no way I can finish the epic DITL one for tonight.


One thing I've been meaning to do is post a few oldies but goodies when it comes to my blog posts of yesteryear. I have over 800 posts full of ramblings and pictures and deep thoughts and shallow thoughts. Also I have a lot of really annoying labels that I'd love to purge and consolidate. I mean, any label with just 1-2 posts needs to be decimated. I am afraid to even look at ones like 'eye candy' and 'hair' and 'dancing'. Whatever. Enter at your own risk. I was practically a baby in 2007 and am so old and wise now. (which is why I use two labels for my posts only: Truman or Cecelia. Easy peasy.)

So I should be able to list my favorite five posts of all times, right? And by 'favorite' I mean ones that make me laugh/smile/I think you should read if you are bored, especially if you are a new follower. I used to write a lot, man. And sometimes I was even funny.

1. A Comparison: written in 2010, after birthing my first child. I erroneously thought running a full marathon prior to motherhood meant I could probably handle labor like a champ. Bwhahahah. Not the same thing at ALL, at least in my situation.

2. Story of Us part 1: written in 2008 as a part of a series all about Nate and I. Ah, the college years. Who were these people? Love the scanned pictures from our youth. A bit embarrassing but oh, well.

3. Storytime part III: another wordy one from 2008 about my run in with mice. I shudder to read this one but it's still somewhat hilarious. And disgusting.

4. Motherly Love: from 2008, way before kids of my own. Reading my mother's journal from when I was a newborn/baby brings up a lot of really sweet emotions for me. Especially now that I'm a mom myself.

5. Hence the Title of This Blog: from 2010, and it's not funny at all. But it's the incredibly heart felt letter I wrote to Truman when our maternity leave was over. I was not balanced between work and home life and I was DREADING the return to my hospital job. I wanted to stay home so badly but knew I couldn't, since Nate was in school and I was the sole income. Oh, my heart breaks for that girl. And yet, we all survived, I found a new job that I loved and even better...dropped to just three days per week. It's all good and at the end of my second maternity leave with Cecelia, I was not such an emotional disaster. But this letter is still one of my faves for some reason. It captures that time in my life well.

No pictures today. Ta-Da!


  1. Ohhhh, I loved this. And the comparison post cracked me up. Let it be said that I would birth a baby in a pool in my dining room every day of the week before I ran a marathon. :D

  2. Bawling my eyes out. Ridiculousness with seeing a tiny Truman in my emotional hormonal state. plus after going back to work with Eva - my mamma heart heard your sadness so much. Oh these babies an how they make us pathetic!

  3. I just spent a lot of time reading every single one of those posts, and I don't remember a single one, nor did I comment on any of them, so I don't think I ever read them. How is that possible?!?!?!? So glad you linked back to them. I do know I've read the story of how you and Nate met (and pics weren't showing up for me in that post, I wonder why?) but that was it.

    Hilarious post about marathon vs. giving birth. And oh my gosh, the one with excerpts from your mom's journal completely melted me. What a treasure!!


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