Bling-tastic snow

So, it snowed another six inches today. And it hasn't stopped yet. Big whoop, right? I know. I'm not even phased by massive amounts of snow anymore. Totally over it already, it's not even exciting...UNTIL....this type of snow appeared today:Glittery, sparkley, iridescent, and glassy. On my way home I was trying to figure out the best way to describe this snow [while simultaneously avoiding a massive wreck]. It's like a bunch of flat, glossy discs are sticking together to make one big bling-tastic mess. It's very light, fluffy, and dry. And it almost looks like artificial snow. Take a look again:

Oh and apparently Milwaukee is totally over the snow too. So much so that they forgot to pre-treat our street. Looks pretty safe, right?
Henry is an absolute animal in this airy blanket of snow. He thinks he is a polar bear, I'm pretty sure.

Did I ever mention how much I love snow on trees? Especially when we get six inches and it sticks perfectly:
Oh, and Missouri girls: Don't worry. This isn't even a blip in the radar around here. The news barely even talks about the weather, as it's saturated with the Packers. Not even a slim chance of leaving work early or getting off tomorrow. And sadly, I'm turning into one of the weathered northerners because I'm not even afraid to drive in it anymore. I just distract myself with descriptive terms for the snow instead:)


  1. That snow is BEAUTIFUL! I wish it snowed like that here (but I would need a snow day because there's no way in hell I'd drive in it). I was excited this morning because we had a dusting of snow.

  2. WHOA! Love that song playing..gotta love Timbaland.."it's been a long time...we shouldn't have left you...without a dope beat to step to"...I'm dancing while I read your bloggie!~xo

  3. Jenn~I'm glad it's pretty in the pictures, because I didn't think it did the snow justice. Apparently we don't get dustings here anymore. Just massive dumps:)

    Tara~Old school music is the best! I love going back in time, even with a little Timbaland:)


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