Scrapbooking thoughts [part one]

I've never been one to steal ideas for my scrapbooking layouts. My scrapbooking started way before the internet dominated the world, so I've always just made my own creations as I went.

I still plan on doing my own thing....BUT....there are some majorly talented scrappers out there. As I attempt to cross this bridge into the world of digital, I find myself constantly looking for tips, help, inspiration online.

I stumbled upon the website called Two Peas in a Bucket and if you have ANY interest in scrapping you must go over there now. Digital supplies, chat rooms [my weakness!!], tutorials, challenges, and even a few selected "top dog" designers. Here are their bios, but don't say I didn't warn you. You'll be there for awhile:)

Here are a few of my favorite designers [although I could probably post about each one of them.] I am utterly fascinated with their digital skills. I can only hope and dream to get this good with Photoshop. I will admit that my traditional scrapbook layouts will PALE in comparison to these, so I probably should have posted about this website after I post about my own stuff.....but whatev. You guys will just have to see the best of the best first, and then my meager attempts later. Don't judge me, I'm just a humble little "hobby scrapper." I aspire to be like these designers someday.

[I'm not sure if it's legal for me to post these, so I linked to everything possible. ]

By Jill Hornby:

1. Untitled: LOVE the hodge podge style here.
2. Family Pictures: I love how this one looks hand drawn. Maybe that's the traditional scrapper in me because I love drawing on my pages, using my own handwriting. 3. Most Memorable: I'm a sucker for multiple pictures on a page, like this. And girlie flowers? Mmmkay.
Layouts by Mary Grace Abuzman:

1. Bamboo: I'm not a cat person but I LOVE this layout.
2. Picture Perfect: Now maybe I could handle something somewhat simple like this.
3. Mommy Love: Love it, love it, love it.
Tomorrow I am off of work, since I will be working on Saturday. Do you know what that means? Yup, lots and lots and lots of scrapping. I will continue my thoughts on this subject tomorrow [as I squeeze in some blog time between scrapping and lounging].

On a completely unrelated note: we talked to our landlord. He said the girl who viewed our apartment for 45 minutes [while we froze our butts off outside] is "very interested" and was taking notes the whole time. Now THAT'S a girl I could anal retentive, detail oriented person! She is going to call our landlord back in one week. He also said our apartment "shows well." Go, us! Also, I changed our Craigslist ad to have our phone number and our anonymous email. After being posted for less than twelve hours, I have an inquiry gleaming in my inbox. I think we are getting somewhere, folks!

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  1. Got your myspace message, sent you a response, thank you and I fixed my comment blocker thing---I have no idea how or what I did but I think I fixed it. Love the scrapbooking ideas--you will be good at it, I loved the few pictures you showed of the ones you made for you and Nate's parents!


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