Out of the ordinary

Extraordinary things are happening around here. Meaning, things slightly away from our boring little norm. Let me elaborate [while also proving there is a SomeEcard for every occasion]:

1. I am working tomorrow. I only drug myself to the gym two days this week and my current goal is three days. So what am I going to do? Call it a slacker week and be done with it? No. I'm going to get up at 5:30 am on a Saturday so that I can make it to the gym before work. The gym is actually at my work, so that helps. I'm feeling like I deserve an extra cookie [or glass of wine] for this heroic feat. I'm also quite nervous about using the public shower in the locker room. I hope I don't contract some sort of fatal disease.

2. I am almost finished with my scrapbook. That means I've whipped through nearly 200 pictures in a matter of a week or so. Damn, I should do this for a living. If only I didn't have that pesky full time job to limit my spare time:
3. When I was hired to this new job in October, I was promised a "very nice" raise within six months. I had my 90 day review with my boss and apparently I am the bomb. Not really, but she is going to get me my raise. As soon as she figures out how to calculate the total. A little worrisome, since she is the boss and should know this....but whatev. I'm HOPING it's about 5k for the year, but we'll see. This type of bonus NEVER happens in PT so you have to savor every wage increase. From here on out I'll only receive my measly 3% cost of living raise each year. Literally, that's it. So I deserve a big fatty raise before my potential earnings flat line for life. I plan on stalking my boss for the amount on Monday.

4. Not only that, but I totally forgot about my 5k sign on bonus! I get the first 1/3 of it with my next paycheck [after heavy taxes, of course]. The next 1/3 is due after a year and the last of it after two years. Talk about a nice little surprise!
5. I was home for 30 minutes this evening before I noticed this monstrosity. Look closely. It's not the fluffy white beast on the couch that throws me off. Nor the fact that the couch isn't perfectly aligned with the wall decor [although that DOES really bother me a lot, now that I see this picture]:
It's the hideous Packers dolls on my shelves! Not okay. Nate apparently thought he'd "decorate" with his little treasures and place them in one of the most prominent locations in our apartment.
I'm sorry, but they are so ugly and TOTALLY don't go with my photography/wedding/ pimptastic theme. He bought these in Spain in a moment of weakness, being mesmerized with the green and gold painted wood. Once he returned to the USA he realized these things are all over the place. Not exactly an authentic Spanish souvenir.

6. Remember how I whined about the weather? Well apparently it's a lot worse than I thought. A "Winter Weather Advisory" has been announced due to wind chills in the negative thirties!! Please read below and feel very sorry for me.


  1. you and your "some ecards"---crazy that there is one for every occasion! Let's see some pictures of this new scrapbook! I am jealous and if I can't do it myself I at least want to see what you can do with it!

    GO PACKERS! (and Brett Favre, because let's be honest, he's the only reason I care one ounce about football!)

  2. Congrats on your fat raise! I think you should take a little chunk and go splurge on a new something for yourself. Tell us what you decide to buy!

  3. I'm sorry - I shouldn't complain about it being "only" a high of 8 tomorrow. You win. Your weather sucks more than mine.

    But on a lighter note - congrats on the raise. I come from an industry where any kind of raise is a miracle.

  4. your some e-cards are hilarious!

    i can't wait to see pics of the new scrapbook! i really wish i had time to scrapbook- hubby and i have so many awesome pictures i would love to display!

    yea raise! i love that time of year!

  5. Hi Julia. I found your blog through Erin's and have lurked for a while, so I thought I'd officially say hello.

    Your scrapbooking skills are amazingly impressive.

  6. Good for you on braving a public shower and getting a raise!


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