Dream Home

Did anyone watch the HGTV Dream Home special today? Holy Cow. This house in Key West, FL is absolutely amazing. You can enter to win this house and a car worth a total of 2.2 million.

The house is right on the ocean and is a typical plantation style [meaning, pimp.]

Foyer upon entry:

Finishing closet [no clue what that means but I LOVE the stripes]:

Entertainment room [colors like ours but WAY cooler than ours]:

Kitchen [I'm dying here!]:

Lower level patio:

Kids bedroom [totally gives me BOTB again!]:

Guest room:

Guest bath:
Dining room [Love the table, chairs, and lantern]:

Living room:

Master bedroom [actually, not my favorite but still cute]:

Master closet [yummy!]:

Master bath:
Master balcony [Sold!]:And the best parts. #1 Doggie Dream Home [Henry is drooling right now]:

#2 Outdoor shower. We experienced this special treat on our honeymoon and I seriously think this is the best invention ever!
Apparently HGTV does a Dream Home each year. Past winners have sold the the prizes in exchange for money, and then buy a different home in a more suitable city [plus have extra change to spare.] Even though you wouldn't pay the mortgage, you would be responsible for taxes, insurance, closing costs, and utilities. And that would obviously be a lot more than most folks could afford. Taxes on a 2 million dollar home? Yikes.

I TOTALLY applied today and plan on submitting an application every single day [it's legal to do one per day, don't worry.] If we won we'd absolutely sell it for the money but it's still a gorgeous home in a beautiful location. I guess I've been stuck in a dream world all day with these posts, but it's fun to imagine winning!

Go apply on the website and look at the numerous pictures. Try not to drool all over your computer.


  1. Holy moly...that is so gorgeous. I wanted to comment on your bedding post, but you blog so fast (love it). I saw some bedding in a Ballard Designs catalog and thought it was so pretty (I think it is the Soleil bedding). The bedding we have right now is from Restoration Hardware. I saw it in a catalog and loved it. Then I went to buy it and was floored at how overpriced it was. Being the impulse shopper that I am, I just had to have it anyway. Long story short, I had total buyers remorse (guilt) and have hated it ever since. I cannot wait to get rid of it, but because of how expensive it was, I promised Eddie, at the time of purchase, that we would have it for "years". Lesson learned. Thanks for sharing the bling homes and rooms.

  2. My entire family is entering in the contest every day. We're gonna win it! ;)

  3. one word here SOLD!!!!

  4. You would have to sell that house just to pay the winnings taxes. Beautiful house though. One day when I'm rich...

  5. I saw it too and LOVED it! I never win anything, though and probably wouldn't be able to afford the taxes on it! But oh how lovely it would be to live there :)

  6. That house is..Yes..Da' BOMB! I will pull a word up from the grave to define how PIMP this house is! Good job Julia! MI-DUB-DO-DUB gives it two thumbs up! AND for some reason with your music and all..I get a little emotional when I look back through your past and my fond memories of New Years in STL with the Fab-FiVe!


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