Sleeping part deux

I figured out how to take pictures from Flash! We have a Mac so we don't have the "print screen" button [like Stephanie so helpfully suggested], but with a little googling I figured it out. And I don't even have to open and fix it after I save it---the picture just goes straight to my desktop after I crop it down from the original site.

Anyway, let me finish my bedding post with my FAVES from C&B and Anthropologie:

1. C&B has this Shadow Bed Linen duvet for $60 [but that's twin size, and I'd need a queen]. I like the wintery feel of this set. It makes me want to snuggle in for the winter. Someday when we are rich I'm going to have different duvet covers for each season. Someday, folks.

2. Then there's the Vinca Bed Linens duvet, $109 for a queen. Of course that doesn't include the $30 for each sham, and $130 for the sheet set. I just love this pattern. Have you noticed that I like patterned bedding?
And now the mother load: Anthropologie bedding. It's expensive. It's girlie. It's obnoxiously bright. And I love it.

1. St. Lucia bedding. [It's meant to be since our honeymoon was in St. Lucia.] A whopping $228 for the duvet, $88 for a sham, and $98 for the bedskirt. Wow that is one expensive duvet but don't you love the pretty green pattern?

2. Viceroy Garden Bedding. $198 for the quilt, $88 for a sham, and $98 for the awesome bedskirt. Isn't it lovely? It makes me want the iron bed, too. And it makes me want to own a vintage loft with white painted wooden floors and lots of expensive, unique furniture. Basically, it makes me want to live inside Anthropologie for awhile. Sigh.

3. Bella Hothouse bedding. $168 for the quilt, $68 for the sham and $68 for the bedskirt. I am in LOVE with this one. It is so bright and girlie that it will never be mine. But a girl can pretend. It reminds me of a technicolor dream but Nate thinks it was made for stoned hippies.

4. Flowering Quince bedding.
$198 for the duvet cover, set of 2 shams for $88 and $88 for the bedskirt. This was my first Anthropologie bedding love and it's still one of my top picks. The flowers are a little more spaced out and plus, it's not as pricey as the other duvet covers. Still a little 70's hippie but I dig it.

So someday, when we live in an urban loft full of Anthropologie splendor, I will lounge on my expensive hippie bedding in these pajama pants:
And sit on this pimptastic upholstered chair:
And cook delightfully organic meals for my happy little family in this fantastic apron:Until then I'll just stalk the website and dream.


  1. Love the second C&B pattern you posted.

  2. I love the green one! But maybe I'm just partial to green at this point in time with the wedding... and I'm on a bit of an apron kick. I've never worn an apron until I saw a cute one in the store and thought, "What the heck!" Now I'm kind of obsessed...

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  4. So today my Pottery Barn Kids came in the mail (wishful thinking...) and it was the most wonderful thing ever. So much pink & green preppiness I thought I was going to scream. You must check it out.

  5. Dear julia, these are beeeeautifull!
    love your taste :-)

  6. Love the Viceroy Garden Bedding and Bella Hothouse bedding... Warmly welcome to visit for beautiful collection of hippie mandala bedding sets -


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