Miscellaneous [wanna be] Monday

It's that time again~

  • OMG. I just saw that my boyfriend John posted on his blog [thank god for Google Reader.] This is big folks. Go and read it. He posted to support Jessica Simpson since the press has been ripping her to shreds due to the Cowboys loss. I know most people hate JS just as much as they hate JM, but I love them both. If I met them in real life, I'm positive they'd want to be BFF with me. Nate wouldn't mind the JS part of the deal, I'm sure:)
  • Just got home from my haircut [more in a bit] and Nate was talking on the phone to a prospective renter! They saw our ad and wanted to see the apartment asap. That makes three people so far---the one who toured on Sunday, the one who emailed me, and this couple. So they came right over [after we cleaned the place like tasmanian devils] and I think they liked it. The funniest part? We didn't know what to do with Henry, so I tried to put him in my car for the visit. Well after waiting for about 10 minutes, I freaked out and exclaimed, "I can't do this to my baby!" all dramatic and stuff. I just pictured him shivering and looking around for me like a lost child. So I ran outside and rescued him and he hid under the bed the whole time anyway. And now he's all high strung after the evil strangers tried to pet him. The horror!
  • My haircut: it was way overdue. I haven't gotten a trim since the initial chop in November. My girl is really good but she keeps trying to use a diffuser on my hair, and it ain't working. It makes my hair look a frizzy mess. Next time I'm going to speak up and ask for a nice blowout. But the little neck massage she gave me at the beginning of the appointment was to die for. I heart salons sometimes.
  • Nate had to work at his museum job today, while I had off [role reversal, much?] Here is the conversation we had when he returned home:
J: So how was your day? What do you do at work?
N: It was fine. The worst part is the butterfly exhibit.
J: Why?
N: I have to make sure the little kids running around don't let both doors open at the same time. If the doors are open butterflies will get out and all hell breaks loose.
J: So did hell break loose?
N: Yup. The damn kids wouldn't listen to me and a bunch of butterflies got out.
J: [snickering uncontrollably]
N: So I had to catch a bunch with butterfly nets.
J: You seriously caught butterflies today at work?
N: Shut up. It's not funny.

Can't you just picture my hubby yelling at the kids for letting the butterflies out, and then madly chasing them around with nets? It's almost too much to handle.

  • Nate wants his own laptop. The conversation makes me twitch a little bit. Do you have any idea how much a new Mac laptop goes for these days? Absolutely not. Not going to happen. Especially not before I get my wedding DVD and wedding album. I've been waiting patiently for those two items for months. He can't just announce his need for a major purchase like this, can he? When we move out of this apartment we'll have a lot more money to handle and I know it's going to be hard saving it. But we HAVE to. I'll break out into hives and start foaming at the mouth if we don't.
  • No pictures on this one. I think it's a first!


  1. I just have to tell you that I learned about Google Reader from this very blog of yours and it has changed my life! Ok, maybe thats a little dramatic, but seriously...no more checking blogs like a crazy woman only to see the same post for the 3rd day in a row. Love love love it!

  2. I swear to you we are the same person. Besides the fact that JM is also my boyfriend, I love JS! I even have all the episodes of Newlyweds on DVD. Like you said, I know if I met her, we'd be BFF's. ;)

    BTW, I LOL'd at Nate's work story. Freaking hilarious mental picture!

  3. I love your posts with funny stories. Your husband is pretty damn comical :)

  4. I heard about the John Mayer thing too and I was surprised he took up for her because he never even wanted anyone to really know they were together. Also, yes, I can actually picture Nate running around chasing butterflies at work and it makes me LAUGH!!!!!!! Your poor hubby!

  5. Julia - I'm still laughing about Nate chasing butterflies. There never seems to be a dull moment ;)

  6. I seriously laughed out loud while picturing your husband running around with a butterfly net trying to catch butterflies. I think this is slightly weird since I've never met him...

    You are such a good storyteller!

  7. I'm glad other people think Nate is funny. He's quite the comedian and doesn't even try. So most of the time I just laugh AT him instead of WITH him:)

  8. I just wrote a comment, but I guess it did not get saved..

    i got my hair "done" today too and she gave me an extra long neck/head massage. Those are the best. I was thinking that I need to give Eddie one to be fair.

    Even though I don't know him, I was laughing so hard at the thought of Nate yelling at kids (even though he probably did not) and running around catching butterflies with nets. His comments to you always crack me up. You are a great storyteller.

  9. Well, I know that if my husband was upset about a day of chasing butterflies I won't bring up the issue too much. Well, until one night when he was really drunk and he would agree to reenact (sp?) the whole thing. But I am just cruel like that.

    In addition, I also frequently foam at the mouth when I realize how much money I need to be saving and I don't. I wonder if there is medication for that?

  10. oops I was anonymous...got click happy


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