Quotes by Nate

[All pictures from my old school scrapbooks. Watch out, folks. They are coming out to play.]

1. "You should stop talking about all of this stuff you want to do and just start up your own business, already. I'm sure you'd be successful and make money, too." [referring to my grand ideas on wedding planning, scrapbooking for others, making DIY projects for others, and writing for SomeEcards. All but the last idea would be feasible. It makes me happy to think he'd support my dreams. Now whether or not I have the guts to do it is another story.]

2. "Today I heard a story about a woman who gave birth to twins. In her pants. In a house without lights. And she named them 'Curt' and 'Curtis.' She was from Illinois so it kind of makes sense now." [After googling this story for ten minutes, he discovered this link. The lady was not from Illinois but it was a true story! He used the search phrase "giving birth in pants" to find this gem.]

3. "I'm going to be the first bald guy to grow dreadlocks. Obviously, they will only grow around my horseshoe." [I have no idea where this one came from.]

4. "If I try your facial mask, you cannot take a picture of me for your blog. And you can't blab your big mouth about it all over the place, either." [no comment.]
Gotta love my hubby!


  1. Jules-
    Reading Nate's random quotes reminds me of the many nights we would go out with paper for "quote sheets." I wonder where those are? Do you have them? They have some funny things on them!

  2. So...did he try the facial mask? :)

  3. If if he did try it, do you have pictures??

  4. Kristal and Jen~If I told you, I'd have to kill you. And nobody wants that.

  5. This was awesome! I loved it so much!! What a great idea; I might have to copy it! ;) I would hire you to scrapbook my life for sure! You should do it. GO FOR IT!!

  6. J ~ Tell Nate he needs to start getting in shape. I'm bulking up and am prepared to serve him an arse-kicking gladiator style next time I see him!

  7. Keri...very sure of the quote sheets!!!! I forgot all about those, but would love to read them now.
    Julia...I've begun my running again as well, also with an updated play list on my ipod (although, I don't have any Techno music...it kind of brings back some bad memories of me attempting to do step aerobics with you guys!!) I might run a half marathon in April and then a full in October with one of my coworkers (if I can remain movitivated!) I think you are going to try for one in October, so that should be good timing for our "virtual training".


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