Now I lay me down to sleep

I LOVE bedroom furniture, bed linens, and all bedroom decor in general. Oh, and I love to sleep which makes the bedroom even more important.

It's fun to dream of a day when we own a home and have room for a real, grown up bed. I supposed we could get one for our stint at the in laws, but I'm not sure we'll have the room. And I'd rather not move heavy furniture up and down those stairs if we can avoid it. It would make sense to wait on a purchase like this until we are a little more settled in our own home, but until then I can scope out the possibilities, right?

1. I love this dark wooden bed from ZGallerie. It's the Chelsea bed for $799

2. Nate despises fabric-covered beds like this, but I like their soft, whimsical feel. I don't like the price tag on this Cara bed [$1500]. Again from ZGallerie. 3. West Elm has some nice options, and I like this "narrow leg upholstered bed frame" for $499.

4. And possibly my fave from Pottery Barn, the Sumatra bed for $1100. It looks a little lower than the others, which is a problem for us tall folk. We'd practically have to fall down onto this guy.

Then there are the numerous bed linens to go with the new bed. We have a really nice duvet and sham set right now from C&B that we received as a shower gift. Wouldn't it look great with one of the above beds?But it's fun to change it up every now and then. Here is our biggest problem with linens: I love the ultra girlie, pink and floral variety and Nate likes the masculine, contemporary styles. In fact, I'm kind of surprised we agreed on our current set since it's a floral print. Maybe Nate just lets me have my way more than I think. I mean, he did agree to this shower curtain, too:
Hmmm, maybe I could pull of a girlie set next time, too. Here are a few sets I like now:

1. Bed Bath and Beyond has Jonathan Adler's Origami Duvet pictured here. I love the mix of patterns and it's a neutral color, leaving the fun for the wall color. I'm not sure they have a Queen duvet though. That would be a problem, but it's still cute.
2. BBB has this Southgate Herringbone duvet by Nautica for only $59. But of course I'd need to buy all of these fabulous pillow and shams and dust ruffle. I like the brown shades and again, would be able to accent with a fun wall color.
3. Pottery Barn always has such a great red color. And over the past few years I've steered away from red and stayed loyal to red's sister, pink. But now I find myself liking red more and more these days---it's classic and not too feminine. Here is the Multistripe duvet and sham set, duvet for $129. I love the eclectic mix of patterns here.

4. Pottery Barn has this Madison Floral duvet for $100. This goes on my "If I were a Single Girl" list.

5. Pottery Barn's Jasper Bedding ensemble includes everything for $289. This isn't a typical pick for me, since it's so masculine and blue has never been my thing. But for some reason I like this one. And I know Nate would approve.
My absolute favorites are from Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel, but how in the heck do you save a picture from a Flash site? I could not figure it out after wasting a lot of time trying. Anyone? The frilly florals on Anthropologie are to die for. And C&B never disappoints, either. Help!


  1. I had to ban myself from looking at furniture! Rob got sick of me saying, "Look honey! And it's such a good deal!" I mean there's only so many places to stick stuff. But I LOVE the ZGallery bed and the Origami set. They are gorgeous and not badly priced (well, it could be worse). Thanks for the little indulgence! I can't wait to furnish our house!

    Also, it's a bit of work, but to save a picture from a flash site.... There is a button on your keyboard that says "Prt Sc" or Print Screen. On the page showing the picture you want, hit that button. It takes a screen shot. You may have to time it if the picture is on a slideshow or something. Open Photoshop or some photo-editing software and hit CTRL+V (you may need to do this step in "paint" and then save the image as a JPEG to open it in a photo-editing software). You should see a "picture" of the screen. Crop out what you want, save it, and Voila! You have your picture! This has come in handy a few times... I won't say when. ;)

  2. I loved this post! What a great thing to blog about, seriously! I too am a furniture/decorating junkie! I love anything that has to do with dressing my house. Too bad I have to wait for things until the pocketbook can afford them! That's the only bummer part! This was fun though, thanks for affording me a dream!! ;)

  3. Julia, I just found your blog when I was at Erin's (Something to Look Foward To) and saw your comment. It's so funny too because I bookmarked your knot bio because I love so much of what you did. (My fiance said having a bobblehead of us is a must). I am totally craft crazy also, and just took a look through your past posts and I must say, great job. Welcome to Milwaukee too! It's a great place. I'll be stopping back now for sure!

  4. Get this - the "LG" on that West Elm bedding stands for "Lindsay Grabb," who just happens to be my cousin! She's a buyer for them in NY and they sometimes get to put their initials on linens for the catalog :) Made me laugh when I saw you that picture!


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