Miscellaneous Monday

Yep, it's that time again:

  • My 2008 goals are going quite well, if I do say so myself. We went to the little Lutheran church yesterday morning and it was very cute. Nate felt comfortable because it was so similar to a Catholic mass, and I was comfortable because it reminded me of my Lutheran grade school days. The pastor was a female [gasp!] and I really enjoyed her message. Plus the whole shindig [including communion] lasted only one hour. Not to mention that it started at 10:15 am so we still got to sleep in. It was definitely a great way to start the week. I'm so proud of us!
  • I've also been running again. Here is my secret motivation: I spent hours, literally hours on I-tunes this weekend creating a new workout playlist. I even dusted off my old CDs from back in my Spain days. I forgot how much I love European techno [flame on if you want, but it makes you run faster. Seriously]. So with my new playlist I even ventured out into the cold, wet weather on Saturday and ran outside. This is not something I plan on doing regularly. Even though it was 40 degrees there were still plenty of ice/snow/water puddles to make my run especially pleasant. Frozen toes and a runny nose are definitely two musts for a great run, right? I've also sucked it up and hit the gym after work, even when I can think of a hundred reasons to go straight home. So while I'm not logging a ton of miles just yet it feels good to get off my lazy arse and get going on this running thing.
  • Nate started the first of two part time jobs today! His hours are going to be pretty random but hey, it's a job. Meaning we'll be pulling in two incomes! He also officially accepted a second part time job at my hospital, in my department as a therapy aide. This means I get to boss him around even more when we work together. Good times for all:) Seriously though...this is very exciting for our household. But I'm a little worried I will lose my "dinner is on the table and the apartment has been cleaned" privileges now that my little chef is working. Maybe I need to rethink this whole thing....
  • Guess who got called for Jury Duty? Even though I've only lived here for 6 months. Yep. How fun. Anyone have to endure this extremely boring sentence? I'm still trying to figure out if I'll get paid time off at work in addition to the generous $19/day from the city. I seriously hope so or I'll sabotage my chances of being a juror by faking hatred towards the poor or something. Besides, I'm sure my work is really stoked to find someone to cover my load on those two days.
  • I really like seeing all of the new commenters around here! Even if I don't respond to the comments know that I love reading all of them and it's especially fun to see some newbies. Keep it up ladies!
  • Fess up. Who watched the new American Gladiators yesterday and today? We were so excited about this show only to be let down by it's incredible cheesy scripted lines. I mean it's way worse than the original 80s version. But there are two awesomely bad Gladiators who deserve some credit:
1. Wolf. He is an absolute freak, probably on some hard core drugs. He howls at the moon every time he begins a match and he says things like, "I'm a wolf and I'm going to eat you." Seriously. This guy is ridiculous.
2. Hellga. I'm pretty sure she ate a male Gladiator to look like this. Her thighs are easily the size of my huband's head. Why does she have to wear a freaking skirt when all the other "female" Gladiators get to wear the fabulous spandex bikini bottoms?
So yeah, we are pretty disappointed in this show. Such great potential but so freaking cheesy. Oh well. We still like to pretend we are contestants and imagine beating some steroid-sculpted butt!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that even though i don't comment very often on your blog, i religiously read it. I also want to thank you for your nice comment. Grandpa had a back surgery the day after our wedding and he was doing better (at least it seemed so) and PT was helping a bit...He has a session today, came back to his room, then fell assleep...

    That's life...

    Thank you again for your kindness!

  2. Woah - I have jury duty too! I report on Jan. 16th, when do you? This is literally the THIRD time in the last 2 years I've been summoned. Apparently, they're really scraping the bottom for minority representation... haha. I'm looking forward to it though, gonna pick up a good book (or two) and chill out. I never mind a few days off work.

  3. J- I too watched american gladiators (yes, I will admit it!) I thought it was soooo stupid. Wolf really bothers me and I think all of them are on roids....however, I still watched it.

  4. What?!?! I loved American Gladiators!!! And there is NOTHING wrong with howling. . .

  5. Just tell them at jury duty that you strongly believe in the death penalty, even for petty crimes--we need to make some more room on the streets!!! It could work!!

    Hang em high!


  6. You can probably get out of jury duty by saying you are in a job that requires patient care and cannot find some one to see your patients. I got out of state jury duty (Thank the Lord b/c it would've meant going to JC 1x/month for a whole year!) by saying I travel for work and cannot commit to being gone from my job that often.

    P.S. I agree, the new Gladiators sucked. However, I enjoyed the new Intervention and Jon & Kate Plus 8!

  7. Good for you! What a bummer on the jury duty though... $19/day? Haha, that's funny. And I'm totally with you on the American Gladiators! But, deep down I still enjoyed reminiscing about past joyous occasions when I caught it on TV... ;)

  8. Hi I found your blog through Kristal's and really enjoy reading it's nice to know there are other people going through the girlfriend to fiance' to wife transition too.

  9. I was also disappointed with AG. But there are alot of other great shows on right now that I am over it. :)
    Did you get hit by the crazy January storms? We had tornado warnings in STL last night! I just heard on the tv that WI was hit hard, so I thought of you. Yes, I am home right now instead of at work. Gotta love having a cold/sinus infection while pregnant!!! YUCK!!

  10. Whoo hoo. Lots of commenters today.

    Yara~did he have elective back surgery, then got an infection? That is really sad. I'm so sorry.

    Kim~Duty calls on Feb 6-7. I think I should be okay to get off work, but I seriously want to get paid time off or else I really will fake being crazy.

    Linds~you WOULD like the howling. So typical.

    Hannah~once a month for a whole year? WTF? That is freaking ridic.

    Knt~I hope this is the Krista I know from high school, otherwise I am very confused about who could be a pregnant friend in St. Louis. I seriously have been racking my brain on this one for awhile.


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