Quotes by Nate

1. Completely out of the blue, before we fall asleep: "I want to go to Switzerland. I saw the I-Max movie about the Alps and want to take you there." [I'm sure it would be the tropical vacation I'm craving, right?]

2. "Facebook is for losers and college kids." [Thank you for the support, sweetie!]

3. "You're on birth control to prevent getting birthed." [Totally not what he was trying to say, I'm sure.]

4. "As God is my witness, I WILL see the Packers win another Super bowl before I die. Amen." [I may be exaggerating on this one, but it was close to being this dramatic.]

5. "I'm going to run the marathon with you." [Whoo, hoo! He made his decision. So I guess that means we'll be bickering non-stop during our runs, huh?]

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