Pity Party, Table for One

I just need to vent, so hear me out. It's cold here. Very cold. It's been a grayish, whitish mess since.....oh.....about November. Depressing. Cold. Bitter winds. The whole Wisconsin bit. And the best part? It's only the beginning of January and I'm told February and March can be the worst months yet.

If you think I'm just whining for no reason, please check out the forecast for Saturday. That is the HIGH, folks. Look at the low if you dare. They have it grayed out because it's just too shocking for the system:

So to humor myself, I thought I'd check out St. Louis. It can't be THAT much warmer down there, right? Well apparently I'm a seasoned, haggard Wisconsinite because 16 sounds damn hot to me right now! I seriously thought, "Sixteen? I could get by with just a light pair of gloves for that weather."
I started to think, "If I could live anywhere in the US right now where would that be?" Duh, Phoenix of course. I love the heat. And I love 60 degree weather in the dead of winter. Look at this:
Why did I ever agree to living on the Canadian border? [TOTAL exaggeration, in case you aren't the best at geography. But sometimes it feels like Canada.]

Any cures for seasonal affective disorder besides the tanning bed? I mean, I am the palest thing I've ever been since giving up the "death ray" beds. But it helps me fit in up here and I need to make friends:) And I don't want to spend money on tanning. Plus, I quite like the "vampire" look, too.


  1. You have my sympathy. Yes, you have it way worse than us Missourians. I'll stop complaining about our weather. Perhaps a new pair of "light gloves" would perk you up?

  2. Actually, YES! My current "cute but worthless" gloves experienced a mortal injury. In a moment of panic [ie I'm going to be so late for work this morning!] I spilled coffee all down my beautiful pseudo-warm attire. Now my ivory gloves have streaks of brown on them, and we just don't need to go there. :)

  3. Haha I LOL when I saw your high temp for Saturday, that does suck! On the radio this morning they said it was going to be tropical today compared to this weekend. Oh and Phoenix is lovely this time of year. When you and Nate retire, you can become snowbirds and go down there every winter! :) Just a thought

  4. Hey Canada really isn't that bad! I love living where you get to experience the cold because you get to dress up in cute hats, mitts and jackets. It is sad though because from the pictures I have seen on your website you have more snow there then we do here in my part of Canada. We had some rain last week and all our snow left.

    PS i just started reading your blog, I write in one with my sisters, feel free to check it out!

  5. Julia, I just started reading your blog recently and I sympathize with your struggle with the weather. My other half's family lives so far north in Wisconsin, I refer to it as "Canada". It took me two hours and numerous blankets to get warm one night. I was so thrilled to return to Chicago as it was above freezing. Yeesh!

  6. Amber~I TOTALLY want to retire there. Or just live there before we retire. Nate can golf and I can lounge at the pool. Paradise! Wanna come?

    Kate~Welcome. I'm sure Canada is beautiful and I agree that winter has it's fashionable advantages. I basically have a bad attitude about the winter because it's my duty as a Missourian:)

    TV~I don't voluntarily go any further north than Milwaukee. This is plenty north for me, but I hear "northern WI" is basically an ice chest. And Chicago gets the bad rep for weather? I think WI has it beat for sure:)

    I'm off to check out these new blogs now. Thanks for stopping in!


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