Bonus Quotes

If you haven't read my below post, I suggest you do....or this one won't make any sense. I couldn't help it, I had to add some more quotes from me as a kid. Hopefully I didn't ruin a good thing by overdoing it...

"2-17-84: This morning Julia was on the big potty and had been sitting there quite awhile. She reached around and patted her rear and said 'I may have a sunburn.' When she jumped up, sure enough her legs were red from sitting on the toilet seat so long." 

"10-23-84: In the car Julia said out of the blue, 'My Daddy is never home and that's why I love him so much' Then later she said, 'You're home all the time and I don't love you so much.' "
~Ouch! How bratty of me! My Dad worked full time and Mom stayed home with me. Glad I was appreciative:)

"10-23-84: I called Nelson 'Daddy' the other day and Julia said, 'Don't call him Daddy, you call him Husband!' "
~Okay, bossy much?

"7-10-85: Tonight at supper she was in a strange mood and her prayer was, 'Thank you God for a rotten day. Amen.' "
~I'll have to remember this motto from now on!

"10-12-85: Tonight Nelson shared with me that Julia [4.5 yrs old] told him that she'd seen pictures of some rings in the back of the TV Guide. She said that he should buy me one of them for my birthday. Then added, 'when you get a job, not now.' Later when we were all in the family room she pointed out to Nelson the one she thought would be nice for me. It was lovely. When Nelson related this to me, I had to smile with tears in my eyes. How considerate, thoughtful, and loving she is becoming."
~1. I have great tastes in jewelry, I can't help it. 2. My Dad wasn't unemployed for long, just once  before we moved to Denver, but I guess it weighed heavily on my mind as a 4 year old!

"5-11-86: Mother's Day. After me saying, 'It's Mothers Day so you should do so and so....' a number of times, Julia says, 'You know Mom, just because it's Mother's Day doesn't mean daughters and boys have to do everything for their Moms.' "
~Way to call her out!


  1. I love the quotes! That's really good idea and obviously something that your children will enjoy if you do while they are little

  2. Who knew someone could have such a hightened sense of jewerly at such a young age? Too sweet!

  3. These make me laugh so much - keep them coming!


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