Weekend Fun

-Lounging with my puppy on the weekends: $0

[I just noticed how pink his right eyelid is compared to the left!]

-New running shoes for myself and my husband: $260 [breaking out into a sweat over this!]
[note the cute swirlies on mine, even though the colors are blah. Same shoe I've bought for the last four purchases. Why mess with a good thing?]

[Nate's shoes. His first Sauconys. We'll see how great they are.]

-Buying six new bottles of wine from Trader Joes: $20. Seriously. They are all $3 or so:)

-My cool new centerpiece using our hurricane vase, expensive bottle of wine, and the ever-growing collection of wine corks: $0 [ the vase and wine were both gifts]

-Having "me" time to play on the computer while Nate works: priceless

-Having a whole Sunday ahead of us, without plans: priceless

-Setting up a fifth showing for our apartment: exciting, but not priceless. Someone needs to take the freaking plunge and sign a lease already! But it's great to have some interest in the place....cross your fingers!

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  1. Nice Centerpiece! And yay for relaxing weekends!


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