Bonus page

Just finished this one and I like it. I like it because I made this fun title with cardboard, ribbon, a metal "delight" tag, and script.
I'm going to start doing fun titles more often. I missed them. Now back to Oprah. She has covered Cold Stone Creamery and Christian Louboutin so far. The Container store is next. I'd say that makes a good show. I miss Oprah, too.


  1. I love the tag!

  2. I got to watch Oprah today too!! Yipee! However, it was a rare occasion for me - Emma was sick so I stayed home. Did you know Jeff City has a Cold Stone? It's very yummy... and pricey.
    Love all of your scrapping stuff. Just wait until you become a mommy. You will probably have to enter a "scrapping rehab."

  3. Love, love, love all of your pages.

  4. I meant to write this on the post below, but I love all the pictures of Henry and I like the one where he is sniffing around on the scrapbooks! What a cutie patootie!


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