Virtual painting

I really need to finalize my color choices for our new place. Help me, please!

For the family room, I want to keep our current pillows on our couches. Maybe even use the chocolate brown curtains, too. But I want to switch up the wall color for the new place. So hold the pillows, couches, and curtains in your mind.....

....and imagine them in this room. All of these virtual rooms are from Sherwin Williams "virtual color" and it's the bomb. Of course, the rooms aren't identical to what ours will look like but you get the idea.

1. A sandy brown:
2. A pale blue:
3. A fun green:

Then there is the dining room. Remember, it has the cool rectangular trim on the walls which I need to paint a different color. We'll probably only have a tiny table in there along with the wooden built-in cabinet.

1. A warm orange/yellow:

2. Or a red:

Onto our bedroom....we'll keep our duvet cover that Henry has barfed on multiple times. It's still good, right? Whose idea was it to register for a light-colored duvet?
1. A brighter green than the duvet [this one kind of looks like vomit to me]:

2. A steely blue [I want this color on SOME wall, SOME day. Love it.]:

3. A sage green that sort of matches the duvet.

Of course any other ideas are welcome. It's hard to guess before we move everything in, but I like to pre-plan things [duh.] Thoughts?


  1. I vote for the pale blue in the living room, orange/yellow in the dining room, and steely blue (my FAVORITE paint color EVER) in the bedroom. Do shar the results!

  2. I came across your blog tonight and I love it. I live in Milwaukee, too. Saw that you mentioned wanting an anthropologie..did you know that one opened in the 3rd ward? It's off of Broadway and Buffalo. Let me know if you need suggestions for fun places to shop in the area!

  3. Hey! Did you see that we actually got snow!!! Now I know this is just like another day in the life of Wisconsinite but we actually got about 9 inches!!! Of course, I still had to go to work so I'm not thrilled about that but it will be fun to take Brucey out in it!!

    Just thought I'd share! :)

  4. I vote for the sandy brown in the living room. Except that in the picture, it looks like it has a bit of a green undertone, which is what really draws me to it. I think it will look awesome with your couches and pillows.

    I vote for red in the dining room. Red can be overpowering, but the trim will help balance that out. Especially if you go with a neutral color in the trim.

    I vote for the steel blue in the bedroom. GORGEOUS. That color really reminds me of the color I just painted our hallway. It's Valspar's Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist. It looks very gray online, but IRL, it's got a great blue undertone.

    I can't wait to see your choices!!

  5. I like the sandy brown for the living room, red for the dinning room (i love red rooms!) and sage green for the bedroom!

  6. I vote for sandy brown in living room, orange/yellow in the dining room, and steely blue in the bedroom. Restoration Hardware has some kick butt steely blue and sandy brown colors, if you need more ideas.

  7. I vote pale blue in the living room, orange yellow in the dining room, and steely blue (awesome color) in the bedroom. I think it would look great contrasted with the green in the duvet cover. Lola has puked on ours too, by the way. Dogs.

  8. Loving the pale blue for the LR, the red for the DR, and the sage green for the BR. I actually like the steel blue for the BR but feel like that might be too much blue if you do the pale blue in the LR. But what the heck do I know!? All my walls are white!

  9. My vote is for a green color in the living room - but not the green you pictured. More like the color Apple 4 by Laura Ashley or Herb Cornucopia by Valspar. For the dining room, I really like either option. In our family house growing up, we had that same decorative trim and my suggestion to you is to paint it a slighly different color than the wall, not a color with high contrast. It becomes distracting and your eyes don't know what to focus on. For the bedroom, my pick is the steely blue. That's my two cents!

  10. I think I'm leaning towards the sandy brown in the living room. Neutral, and allows you to play with your furnishings. I prefer the red over the orange/yellow in the dining area. And I love love love the steel blue in the bedroom. It's probably one of my most favorite paint colors out there. Good Luck! Keep us all posted. BTW, I just noticed - I think we have the same couches as you & Nate.

  11. I completely agree with Kristal. Especially steely blue (my old bedroom color) - it will change color with the light and time of day, and be very calming :)

    Can't wait to see pics of everything!

  12. I vote for whatever you want! You have such good taste, I'm sure whatever you choose will look fantastic. By the way, I LOVE your bedspread! But, I'm with you light colored anything with a dog just doesn't fly...

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