It's just fur... will grow back, right?

Remember how my cute, white, fluffy dog had such luscious locks? I mean, his fur was super soft and full and just fabulous. Before:
And after:
Not good, folks. He has the dreaded dog bangs again. Abnormally short on top and she left his mustache/beard ridiculously long [although I don't have the pictures of the long beard. Just go with me on this one.]He's so embarrassed:

So what did I do? Took matters into my own hands of course. I figured if I shortened up the beard maybe the bangs wouldn't look so bad. Check out this wicked angle I created:
Definitely not supposed to look like that. I think he looks a little better with the short 'stache but Nate isn't too pleased with my handy work. Eh, they'll both live.

And Henry just tried to eat his mustache instead of dealing with the problem itself:

Face off. Dog versus Man. Place your bets, ladies and gents:
Look at those fangs!!! Grrrrrrr!
Attack of the killer hand hook, Henry. Watch out! And look at how incredibly LONG his legs are in this picture.

When he walks with those long, skinny legs he reminds me of this machine from Star Wars:"Aw, come on guys. You still love me, right?"
For those of you who know Henry in real life, you know how painfully shy he is around strangers. Apparently when Nate took Henry to the groomer today, Hank figured it out and was TICKED as soon as they pulled up to the place. Nate had to drag Hank into the shop, where Henry proceeded to shake like a leaf. Nate even claims Henry popped a squat like he was threatening to poop all over the floor. Don't worry, he didn't poop [not that I know of, at least] and was being overly dramatic about being left alone.

The groomer called Nate after a few hours and said she had to charge us an extra $5 as a "matting fee." Which means our dog looked like total crap and she didn't want to deal with his mess. So Nate just told her to cut out the mats, which explains Henry's bald armpits and chest.

Poor Henry. Poor little guy:)


  1. That made me laugh so hard...sorry Hank. My favorite part was that you tried to fix it, and the picture. My second favorite was the man vs dog bets are on Hank (he looked so ferocious with his fangs).

  2. Poor, poor pup!
    I love your new look! So fun!! You are getting so good at all this stuff!!

  3. The picture of Nate and Henry is cute and HIL-AR-I-OUS! I love it!

  4. Henry is a cockapoo, right? My parents have love, Zoe. She has dark brown, curly hair! She also looks a little big silly after a haircut. And she always knows when we are laughing at her...she gets very embarrassed!!!

  5. I looks a little like a mullet... Atta girl- don't forget your Mid-MO roots!

  6. Seriously, why do groomers do that! Our dog has come back with the bang/overly long beard look so many times. One attempt to try and fix it ourselves resulted in an almost completely missing eyebrow ((shameful look))


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