It's way too late right now and I'm going to hate myself in the morning....but I just added songs to my playlist.

Some are a bit scandalous. For instance, the song by Poe has some rather inappropriate lyrics but I just heard this song the other day and remembered how much I used to love it. I guess it was in my angry days:)

Also, I admit that Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears are a little immature for my tastes. But again, the songs I chose from them are the bomb. At least to me.

There are a few very random ones [Sneaker Pimps, Aaliyah, Natalie Imbruglia] but I'm random sometimes. And so is my taste in music.

I tried to keep it mellow for those of you who use my blog for "chilling" purposes:) But some of these might be a little more upbeat.

I don't know. It's late. But reminiscing with music is always fun, right?


  1. Too late? You posted that at 11:00something...I am up way past that sister...2:00 is a normal bedtime for me! CRAZY!! You go to bed early! I loved this post and I love your voice. So funny! I know we would be friends for sure!

  2. I love a blogger that listens to her readers! More Julia approved music was needed indeed! As far as the upbeat songs go, I don't mind them, if they don't strike my mood I have the glamour of the skip buttom.

    And whoever says they don't enjoy a little catchy Britney music now and then is most likely a liar.

  3. Okay, totally forgot about Sneaker Pimps. That song must be ingrained in my memory because even though I have not heard it since I was like 14, as soon as it started playing I remembered every word! Love it!!! And thumbs up on the Oasis beats. Ever thought about becoming a disc jockey?? Yet another one of your talents :)

  4. Glad you ladies like!

    And yes, Teresa, a little Britney never hurt anyone.

    Erin~Some of the oldest songs remind me of when we were best buds. Ditty? En Vogue? SWV? We were total pimps when we were 13!

  5. Heck yeah we were! We had mad lyric memorization skills. Nowadays, I'm like "what did he say??" I miss good rap songs. Gotta love the 90's classics.

  6. This is your Memaw trying to leave a comment. I love your blog, Julia!


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