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First of all, Henry got a hair cut and is looking more handsome than usual. I feel that his face time on this blog has greatly diminished and that is simply unacceptable. Please observe his cuteness again:





Okay, now for real. I am flying out for Lindsey's wedding in one week my friends, which is wedding #3 and the only one in which I am a bridesmaid this year. It shall be 4 whole days of wonderfulness, I'm quite certain. But when I fly instead of drive to STL, that means I have to pack all of my crap very well. I really like to get everything into one carry on bag to avoid lines with the checked luggage. A girl must plan in advance for things like this, especially when it comes to weddings and their other events. Please help me, dear readers.

I have an outfit for the rehearsal and dinner, which is Thursday night. The dinner is in a cool loft and rather casual, so I'm going with this little dress number and teal flats:

And of course, the wedding itself is easy when you have a darling black bridesmaid dress and simple black heels (not sure why they look like they don't match, because they do....something about the shine of the dress, I'm sure.)

But now for the hard part: Friday we will have a bridesmaids luncheon followed by nail salon time. The luncheon is at Plaza Frontenac for those of you in STL which means pretty freaking fancy, if you ask me. So what in the heck will I wear to a nice lunch that can also work at a nail salon, without looking ridiculous? Here are a few options.

1. Cotton black dress that is so freaking short, I'd have to buy some leggings to wear underneath. I only own black ones and I'm not a fan of black on black for a bridal luncheon, so maybe I could get gray ones or something? Maybe the aqua flats would be cute here again? Or should I do flip flops for the pedicure?

2. Long shirt/dress thingy with stripes. I like to wear my black leggings with this one, too, to avoid any scandles. Shoes are a problem here.....I only have white flip flops or black ones to match.

3. Or one of my favorite yellow summer dresses. Again, this one is tough with shoes....not sure the white Havaiana flip flops are appropriate for lunch. I also have brown ones if that is better?

Or I guess I could wear my black bermuda shorts with a top of some sorts....don't really own any that would work, I'm pretty sure. I'm trying hard not to buy new clothes for this trip but it's hard!

Any suggestions for me? What type of outfit would you wear for such an event? I rarely have events like this but when I do I always stress about outfits. Ugh.


  1. I like them all, but I gotta go with #3. It's so cute, and I LOVE the colors.

  2. I'm leaning towards #3 also. You can go with the white or brown flip flops, and dress it up with high heeled brown or gold strappy sandals or wedge espadrilles.

  3. LOVE number 3!! You can definitely get away with flip flops for lunch

  4. #3 for sure. Do you have fancier summer shoes to wear for lunch and then change into the flip flops for the pedicure?

  5. Liking #3 a lot! If you have flats or heels, where them for lunch. Then, once you leave put on and swap with flip flops! Just an idea, hope this helps!

  6. I had the exact same dilemma in May - fancy bridal luncheon followed by pedis. I wore a dress with sandals. Honestly, I love every option you showed and I also think that the teal flats go with the first two outfits and that I'd do brown shoes with the yellow dress. And ditto Andrea - bring flip flops along, throw them in your purse, and put them on for pedis.

    Have fun!!

  7. I heart dress #3. I think flipflops are perfectly acceptable at Plaza Frontenac with that sassy dress and will do double duty with your pedi!

  8. #3 is probably my fav (with brown shoes), but I think any of the three would look great. Also, bermuda shorts are great when you'll be having your legs propped up for a pedicure. Although, if you need to purchase a top to go with them, it may not be worth the hassle. In short, you can't go wrong with any of your selections :).

  9. Julia, I admit, I haven't even thought about what I'll wear to the luncheon! ahh!! actually, knowing me, i'll wear shorts and a comfy shirt ;) in laymens. . .
    p.s. i'll be wearing flip flops for sure

  10. Even though I love the orange and brown dress it doesn't seem dressy enough for the location since you say the place is pretty fancy. I think I'd opt for the black dress with cute sandals and then accessorize with some colorful jewelry. Can you take a pair of flip flops along to change into?

  11. I'm going to be a rebel and go with #2. Sounds like such a fun wedding weekend!

  12. #3 with brown flip flops will be perfect anywhere in Frontenac....therefore, 3 gets my vote!

  13. agree w/ danielle and am being rebellious - going with number 2. however 3 is a safe,easy bet for lunch and nails.

  14. I would choose number 1 with gray tights, teal shoes and some fun jewelry. Throw flip flops in your bag for the pedis afterward.

    Have a great time!

  15. Basically I love what everyone else loves too. The yellow dress! I'm no good with putting things together, so I have no idea what to suggest as for footwear.

  16. I love that yellow dress! Love, love, love it! And, I agree with others--can you wear a higher heel for lunch and then change into flip flops for the pedi?

  17. yes, i suppose i can wear two pairs of shoes that day....but that means more packing of my giant size 9.5 boats! hmmmm, if the bride herself says she'll wear flip flops and shorts maybe i can go even more causal? but right now, i'm thinking yellow dress is the winner. Maybe. We'll see. :)

  18. I like #3 as don't want to be wearing leggings in summer!

    Also, I LOVE the rehearsal dinner outfit!

  19. i say dress #3. it looks happy-- like a wedding. don't know about your shoes, but if you have brown flops that would be good. the pedicure requires flip flops. :)

  20. i also have to say #3 only b/c i don't think leggings scream *fancy lunch*. white flip flops would work since they are the epitome of summer and you are going for pedis after.

    the white and teal dress is so pretty and i love the bridesmaid dress!


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