Ten, Eleven, and Twelve Weeks

Okay, lets get caught up to 'real time' pregnancy, shall we?


So, this was the week that I housed a shriveled up prune--the one 'fruit' that reminds me of my beloved geriatric patients. Ironic how something which symbolizes old people now represents a little bitty baby in my belly.

And the belly shot. You will notice this is the first (and maybe the last) week I have my hair down and straight. This is solely because I caved and got a hair cut this night. I shall not reveal how long it had been since my last trim because I'm quite certain you would label me as 'unkempt.' For sure.

Best moment of the week: before I hit 10 weeks, we decided to let the cat out of the bag. We called and emailed our closest friends and hearing their reactions was ridiculously fun. A large majority of them were totally shocked, but my 'fake drinking' at the Kansas City wedding wasn't as smooth as I thought. Oh well:)

Epiphany of the week: "Dude. I'm telling people I'm pregnant and actually enjoying this pregnancy. Negative thoughts be gone!"

Most entertaining question of the week: "But what about the marathon?" It's a classic question, for sure.

Obsessions? Nursery decor. I'm about to overdose on internet pictures, you guys.

What I'm most looking forward to this week: Being able to tell work, announce it on the blog, and Facebook. We decided to hit our closest friends and family first before they had to hear it via the internets and I'm glad we went that route. I was just hoping word didn't spread to my co-workers and boss before I could spill the beans myself.

What I miss the most: Nate dared to crack open one of my favorite beers at dinner one night. I almost cried.

Symptoms: Still having The Fatigue, very mild nausea, and a disgusting taste in my mouth.

Milestones: Just being in the double digits is freaking huge. Plus, the little prune has a heartbeat strong enough to be heard by Doppler this week. And I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the most critical development period is over since many of the congenital conditions appear before 10 weeks. Also, the little arms are working already which means he's probably doing bicep curls like crazy to prepare for a life of meathead-ism like his father. Yep, still calling the babe a boy. I'm feeling it these days.


Then came a lime. An actual lime. What a huge freaking fruit, right? Totally legit when you compare it to the measly apple seeds and whatnot.
And the belly shot. Again, that is what I call bloat. It's worse at nighttime but disappears in the morning. IT'S THERE I TELL YOU! (Sorry for yelling).
Best moment of the week: By the time I hit 11 weeks we had officially told the whole wide world. It was just a major sense of relief and the amount of support we got on this blog, facebook, and emails was amazing. It's starting to sink in even more at this point and everyone at work is excited for us.

Epiphany of the week: While attending my first wedding as an openly pregnant lady, I realized that being sober has it's advantages. For instance, you get to watch a bunch of drunkies dancing like fools while you slug down ice water and take a million pictures. Actually, I splurged because I was so sick of water. I had myself a nice glass of orange juice and holy cow, it was amazing.

Most entertaining question of the week: After telling co-workers the news, one asked, "So is that why you've looked so haggard lately? I mean, you have just been kind of snippy and not like yourself." Great, so I've been a hag and a bitch lately. Good to know. But yes, my Fatigue combined with working full time on my feet everyday in a very physical profession might have made me 'haggard.' So sue me.

Obsessions? Being lazy. And sleeping. It's fab.

What I'm most looking forward to this week: I can't wait to have a real baby bump someday. I've never been too fond of pregnant bellies but now I want one badly.

What I miss the most: A little part of me missed coffee this week when we were getting ready for the wedding. Everyone had their piping hot Starbucks and I settled for decaff SB....but it was NOT the same.

Symptoms: Sleeping. Still with the sleeping but I was able to stay up past 11:00 for three nights in a row while in St. Louis. And I only needed a two hour nap after that to catch up:)

Milestones: Baby is now the proud new owner of non-webbed fingers and toes. Yay for not being a fish with a tail anymore! And now his little legs are kicking like mad to match his movable arms. Of course, I won't be able to feel this for some time but it's pretty sweet to think the baby is mobile now.

TWELVE WEEKS: (this is where we are right now! We are current with the posts, hooray!)

Moving up in the fruit world of babies, I have a little plum in there. Just looking at this picture makes me crave a juicy plum. Is it weird that I want to eat my baby?

And my baby bump at 12 weeks. I tried to suck it in and alas, it would not disappear. Yes, I think this is the beginnings of something real. My bladder always looks full, that's for sure:

Best moment of the week: I got a huge burst of energy and maybe a touch of nesting syndrome. All of a sudden one night I could not handle our storage closet. And therefore I spent the next 3 nights shredding old papers, packing things up for Goodwill, and completely reorganizing our storage. Plus, we cleaned out the second closet in the guest room that will become the nursery. Eeek!

Epiphany of the week: "Dude. I am almost out of this awful-amazing first trimester. I'm a real pregnant lady!"

Most entertaining question of the week: "Are you excited?" Um, duh.

Obsessions? Cleaning, organizing, and purging a bunch of old crap. I love purging.

What I'm most looking forward to this week: Our 12 week appointment is on Tuesday and I'm both excited and of course, a little nervous. Cannot believe we are going to our TWELVE week appointment.

What I miss the most: Running. This week I missed being able to run for 10 plus miles without it killing me. I had a fleeting moment when Nate was out for a long run that made me sad not to partake in the marathon. Eh. I'm over it already.

Symptoms: You guys, I think they are lessening which is both awesome and scary. I haven't needed a nap after work all week. I have more energy. I can lay on my stomach without my boobs pulsating. And no, I still haven't barfed yet...in fact, food is looking more and more yummy all the time.

Milestones: Although some sites say you don't officially enter the coveted second trimester until 13 weeks or later, I'm pretty sure a big fatty 12 weeks is a milestone of some sorts. The baby is sporting all of his major organ systems including sex organs and is totally chilling out in my large uterus. Keep on growing little baby, you are getting so big already!


  1. Congrats, but aren't limes bigger than plums?

  2. I am so jealous that you never barfed and that you love food again. I'm still puking and still hate food and I'm 20 weeks!

  3. Finally - real time!

    Glad you are feeling better - isn't having some energy back amazing?

  4. I definitely see that belly growing! :)

  5. I also went for 12 weeks. It was good enough for me. I was just glad to make it past 10 for once. but, you know that.

    YAY for being in real time again!

    And I definitely see a bump in those pictures. And it's very cute.

    I also love the hair! Very cute. I can't wait until I can get my hair cut again!

  6. Yay for being caught up! Your tiny bump is adorable and cheers for heading into the second trimester. Definitely way better than the first!!

  7. The fruit comparisons are so weird, in my opinion. I think The Bump makes things up sometimes and they definitely just look at length because they use a banana for one of the weeks coming up. So basically, who knows. Blame The Bump...but they say a lime is 1.6 inches and a plum is 2.1 or something.

    And thanks ladies! I'm glad the bump isn't in my head any more.

    Sorry, Kate. I'd give you some of my appetite and non-barfiness if I could, promise!

  8. You are looking adorable Julia! I love these posts.

  9. Julia -- I hadn't read your blog in weeks -- Visited tonight and WOW What a wonderful surprise!

    Good luck, and thanks for the great posts, it's a pleasure to read your thoughts and follow your adventures!!!


  10. I have just loved reading all these baby posts. You little bump is very cute. Congrats to you girl and I can't wait to hear more and more about it!

  11. I love the weekly shots of what size the baby is now. Totally cool. Also, do you get to find out the sex at this appointment!?

  12. Yeah! I'm so happy we're all caught up...whew!

    And the bump is fun until randoms feel the need to touch it! Suggestion: when randoms ask to feel your bump (or even if they don't ask!) do the exact same back to them! It makes them completely uncomfortable, and it's perfect! It's still your belly...it's not like a teddy bear!

  13. Great post! I love all the updates!

  14. the big US is at 20 weeks, so after this appointment there will be one more in between at 16 weeks, then the big one.

    Thanks ladies!

  15. You'll be glad you took all these pictures and wrote all these updates!!

    It will make for a good book at the end of the pregnancy! Print it all out, bind it up - for a birthday present for the baby!

    So cute!!

  16. Love this update and I dare say that your hair is adorable in the 10 weeks.

    Your bloat is growing. I mean babay belly? I mean whatever you want me to call it, I'm starting to see it. Maybe. :)

  17. Awww your baby bump is so cute! And I love your hair cut, it's very chic!


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