Hidden baby chronicles: Six Weeks

July 19, 2009

Well, tomorrow I will be 6 weeks pregnant. Doesn't that seem much more official than 4 or 5 weeks? According to The Bump I have a little sweet pea nestled into my body at this point. Not really sure what a sweet pea is, but I dig it.
And the 6 week belly shot:
(you'll notice that every week the lighting is a bit different in these shots. I was bound and determined to avoid the flash each week but it ended up just looking crappy. Also, please note that I went sans makeup for this pic and I might have just woken up from a nap. Pregnancy prime, for sure.)

This past week wasn't too much different than the one before, except that exhaustion hit even harder, somehow. I am not kidding when I tell you that I took an accidental 3 hour nap followed by 9 hours of regular nighttime sleep on one day. Actually, since I've been back in Missouri and not working, I've successfully managed to work in a nap almost every single day. Kind of ridiculous, in my opinion, but apparently I cannot manage without it.

I am still having mild waves of nausea but they are disappearing before they pose an actual threat of barfing. Sometimes food will strike me as totally nasty and I'm pretty sure my sense of smell is heightened more than usual. I keep accusing Nate of farting even when he's totally innocent. Poor guy:)

I shouldn't talk though, since I'm quite gassy myself these days. Maybe I'm having a giant gas baby because I'm pretty sure that's what is filling my tummy right now. Enough said.

And my boobs are definitely more sore this week than last, which makes sleeping on my stomach a little more uncomfortable and running nearly impossible. I might have to wear an actual sports bra in combination with my running tanks, you guys. The horror! I keep staring at my boobs, deciding whether or not it's my imagination or they are actually getting bigger. At this point (and Nate agrees with me) they might be a FULL A cup instead of a deflated version of one. Whoopdie doo. Let's go, girls, bring on the B cups!

Oh, and I successfully endured my first wedding as an undercover pregnant lady. I think my fake drinking was pretty convincing this time. Nate helped by slugging down some of my wine at dinner when nobody was looking. And drinking Sprite with a lime in it is highly suggestive of Vodka and Sprite. I'm pretty sure nobody suspected but of course, it was hard not to tell any of our friends that we won't see again for many months. Oh well, we will spill the beans soon enough I suppose.

So all in all, other than being really ridiculously tired, I haven't felt that different yet. Which of course, freaks me out entirely. But I'm still trying to remain positive and relinquish control of this entire situation. So. hard. And as my mom says, the worrying won't completely stop since that is a part of a mother's job. But I'm still holding onto the idea that after August 10 when we have our first ultrasound, I will be able to breathe a little easier. I'm counting down the days you guys. 22, in case you were wondering:)

Why can't I just be one of those calm, relaxed, not-a-care-in-the-world people? Can you buy that type of personality?


  1. You are looking great!! Can't wait to see the bump grow and grow :-)

  2. Ugh, the exhaustion. That rivaled the nausea for me in the first tri. I would come home from work, crash on the couch all evening, and then go to bed at 9 and get up at 7. It was more sleep than any human should be able to get. Craziness. But luckily, it goes away soon enough!

    And I'll keep my fingers crossed for you regarding the B cup. :) So far, mine haven't grown at all...

  3. It's so true - if you want time to slow way down, tell a woman she's pregnant. In the beginning, all you can do is hope to stay pregnant!!
    My exhaustion was horrible and for the first three months straight my boobs hurt like crazy - and grew 2 cup sizes. Unfortunately for me I didn't really need any help in that department and it is definitely my least favorite thing about being pregnant.

  4. Grow boobs, grow! ;) That's secretly what I'm looking forward to as well..haha.

  5. The tiredness is crazy. My hubs made the "mistake" of tellling me it was impossible to need that many naps, that i was just being lazy. Don't worry, I dealt with him!:) The growing boobs thing is so fun, but it's hard to keep up with the right result. It's also sad to lose them later. But maybe that won't happen to you. :) I'm loving the chronicles!

  6. that was supposed to say right support not right result. Sorry!

  7. I am terrified of how worried I will be while pregnant. I really don't know if it can get much worse than it is now.

  8. I love that you wrote all of these in advance - it's like instant gratification.


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