Hidden Baby Chronicles: Five Weeks

Sunday, July 12

Stuck at the Airport and Feeling Very Reflective {aka this might be long and boring}

Tomorrow I am a whopping 5 weeks pregnant. Eek! We've graduated to a little apple seed at this point. Johnny apple seed looks so tiny, doesn't it?

And here is my ultra impressive 5 week belly shot.
Not sure if I'll always write like this as the weeks go by but early on it seems to be quite therapeutic for my crazy self. Who knows if I'll actually post these, make them into a pregnancy album, or just delete them. But I feel a strong need to record my thoughts during this amazing journey.

I've officially known for a whole week now. Geez, what a difference a week makes, considering that now my mind has made room for constant baby thoughts. Like I said before, it's a cocktail of hope/joy/happiness with a splash of fear/anxiety/neurotic notions. And since this will be the only cocktail I'll get for the next 9 plus months I suppose I'll drink up!

I can't say I really FEEL pregnant yet. I'm definitely more tired than usual, requiring frequent fatty naps. Maybe I'm a little more hungry and gassy, plus sometimes I feel a twinge of nausea mixed in there. But I might be making up the nausea since I'm anticipating it so much. Oh, and the cramps. Those are fun. It's like my monthly visitor is preparing to arrive but she hasn't yet. Isn't that mind boggling? Every time I go to the bathroom I expect to see her but no luck. I guess I'm really pregnant, huh?

Surprisingly, I've resisted the urge to overdose on pregnancy tests. Yep, that's right: I've only taken that one positive digital test so far (well, besides the two cheap ones before that, but those don't count). I can totally understand why some girls break the bank on pregnancy tests---I'm sure it would be completely reassuring to see the positive sign over and over again. Especially when I don't really feel pregnant yet.

So there have been a few gigantic changes in my diet since I found out: no coffee, no booze, and no deli turkey. Gah! I would eat a veggie and turkey sandwich every single day of my life before this. I know the jury is out on this one but I figure it's better to be safe than sorry. So I've gotten creative with chicken breast, PB&J, and whatever scrap foods I can throw together for a so-called lunch. Oh, how I miss my expensive deli turkey.

Then there is the coffee, my friends. Remember how I wrote about this months ago, dreading the day I'd have to decide between my glorious black gold and my sense of sanity? Well after reading a butt load of research on the subject, I understand that some docs are okay with one cup each morning. At first I thought I'd continue on my large to-go mug habit every day. But after reading more and more about it, I found that anything more that 200 mg of caffeine could conceivably cause an increased risk of the dreaded 'M' word. Some say that even 100 mg will increase the risk, espeically when consumed in the first trimester. So for 3 days, I cut my big fat mug of coffee down to one measly measured cup of coffee. It was a total tease, just enough to get the taste but then it was gone. By the fourth day I was in St. Louis and decided I could be hard core and stop partaking in even my puny little cup of Joe. I'm 3 days sober from my caffeine addiction and I must say, it feels pretty good. I cannot believe I didn't get a horrendous headache. And really, I haven't had actual cravings except for when I'm so freaking tired I can imagine that coffee would perk me up a bit. It's a small price to pay, really.

It wasn't a whole lot of fun to 'fake drink' at the bridal shower this weekend. I just held a glass of wine, fake sipped it, and then dumped some of it down the bathroom sink. No clue if my friends are onto me yet. If our first ultrasound goes well at 9 weeks I might just tell everyone at 10 or 11 weeks to get it over with. I don't think I can 'fake drink' through Lindsey's entire wedding.

We are going to tell our parents this week and I cannot wait. I am so thankful that we are making a trip down to Jeff City with such great timing, since this is my first trip home since Christmas. I have a feeling both sets of parents will flip out and I bet Mom will cry, if she isn't in too much shock. Fun stuff, I tell you. Fun stuff.


  1. I'm highly impressed that you pulled off fake drinking!! I didn't even try - I just blurted out the truth, LOL. :)

  2. Congrat's on your pregnancy!!! I just came across your blog. I will be 20 weeks pregnant {with our first} in a few days and have been blogging about our experience from "marriage to motherhood" : )

  3. I don't drink coffee, but cannot imagine giving up Diet Coke, especially in the beginning when you don't even feel pregnant! It's awesome that you didn't get withdrawal headaches. And I'm just catching up-I love the t-shirt you put on Henry. I definitely teared up reading that post. How sweet that you were able to incorporate him into the big reveal!

  4. I love these posts Julia! I wish I had done the same.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog - love it!

    I don't know how you're doing it without the coffee - it's my life blood! I think that's going to be one of the hardest things to give up when I'm pregnant - probably harder than alcohol!

  6. I love these hidden posts! Too cute!

  7. first of all, you're too freakin' adorable! i can't wait to see how great you'll look when your belly is ready to pop.

    i took up coffee when i was pregnant! decaf of course, but i couldn't survive without my half coffee-half milk iced delicacy last summer!

    i kept a pregnancy blog during my pg last year, though it was private online, i ended up *slurping* into blurb.com's booksmart and voila, a record of my thoughts for 9 months, complete with accompanying belly pics and photos of the foods i craved.

  8. You guys, I SWEAR I thought I would die from not drinking coffee and it even made me want to put off having a baby. That's how addicted I was, promise.

    And then, nothing even tastes good anymore and the acidic taste is the last thing I want. I've even been strong enough to pour Nate his daily to-go mug in the morning without dying, so I promise...if I can live without, you can too.

    Also, I'm totally eating deli turkey again. that one lasted about 4 days. Now I just pop it into the microwave for 20 seconds, watch it sizzle away the bacteria, and then I chow down. That proved to be worse than the lack of coffee for me.

    And I love the advice (so far, at least) so no worries!

    Plus, 'Hello' to you new commenters and old faithfuls alike. How fun!

  9. Oh. my. GAH!! I havent read anyone's blogs or kept up with anything since my "crisis" and look at what I found?!!!

    YAAAY I'm so happy for you.

    AND the belly picture... Geez. I have never looked like that. EVER.

  10. LOL at "fake drinking". That is a talent for sure!

  11. I love your Hidden Baby Chronicles!!! But seriously I need to stop reading your blog before I get the babybug too badly!!

    I've been known to fake drink toward the end of the night, when my body can't handle anymore liquor... but it's not nearly as graceful as yours - mine generally consists of trying to dump drinks on the dive bar's floor (which usually ends up on someone's legs...)

    I am SO excited for you guys!!!

  12. Julia - my doctor told me that turkey from the deli is just fine. He said it's the prepackaged stuff that's the problem, but if you are buying it from behind the counter, there should be no problem at all. So I'm sure you're fine. :)

    And I can relate to the acidic taste thing...I chew gum at all times for that exact reason.


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