Hidden baby chronicles: Seven Weeks

July 26, 2009

Tomorrow is the seven week mark and according to The Bump, I'm the proud owner of an adorable blueberry in my belly. Everyone say hello to little bloob!

A blueberry. How freaking cute is that? I told Nate that we should probably refer to this baby as a blueberry from now on....because we need some sort of nickname besides 'it' and 'the baby.' Blueberry was my choice, and Nate offered up the idea of 'Pedro.' I think I win.

And the 7 week belly shot, after caving in and using the flash now:

So anyway, how am I feeling this week? Well getting back into the swing of work after our little vacation went surprisingly well. I was tired, of course, but I didn't really feel any nausea during the day and I was convinced that my boobs stopped hurting. So of course, for about three days I was a nervous wreck thinking that my symptoms were disappearing and we were losing the baby. A word to the wise: do not beat the crap out of your boobs to see if they are still sore. They never did anything to you and don't deserve to be pounded into a pulpy residue, okay? But then towards the end of the week The Fatigue (yes, it's capitalized) hit hard again. And all day yesterday and today I honestly felt sick....albeit rather mild, it was there. Especially when I get hungry or right after I eat, it just feels like a nasty taste in the back of my throat and I wonder if I'll need to sprint towards the toilet at any moment. I haven't needed to, in case you were wondering, and usually the nausea passes rather quickly. But boy....that fatigue. I got 9.5 hours of sleep last night and still needed a 1.5 hour nap today. So not normal but totally fabulous, right?

A new symptom that is always fun if not frightening? Dizziness. As in I almost pass out when I stand up. As in I literally have to put my head between my knees for a second or the room goes black. That's going to be really fun when my belly is so big I can't bend over.

Another interesting event? My run yesterday. You see, Nate was a good marathon trainee and did his 12 miler down at the Lakefront while I opted to stay home and do a 'little jog' of my own. I was hoping for 4-5 miles just to break a sweat but after about one mile I realized I was supremely out of breath. Like, dangerously out of breath. Like, I've never run a freaking mile before in my life out of breath. I only lasted TWENTY FIVE freaking minutes, you guys. My heart rate was up and my breathing was labored and I decided I was done. Rather ironic since just 3 weeks ago I ran for nearly two hours straight without an issue. Plus, I've gone on a few 3-4 milers recently without a problem (save for the sore ta-tas....which, by the way, a sports bra plus the tank worked wonders.) Guess that whole 'increased blood volume' thing is for reals. It grosses me out to think of my ultra-thick blood right now. And I'm officially not a marathon runner anymore, more like a very slow jogger, and I've officially decided that I will not be doing the full this fall. And I'm okay with that:) I'll cheer Nate on in Chicago like he did for me last year and maybe I'll be able to run the last few with him, too. Me and the baby are going to be so proud of Nate that day....and I'm secretly happy I don't have to go for those 18-20 mile runs this summer anymore. Whew! There's always next year, right? And now I have more time to nap...

On Tuesday of this week we have our first appointment at the doctor's office, but instead of a personal one-on-one meeting it will be a group informational meeting for us and other first timers. I'm actually looking forward to it because I'm hoping they give us a lot of information about what to expect with their office, what they recommend for pregnancy, and anything else pertinent. Do you think I'll be able to sneak into an exam room and swipe my belly with an ultrasound just for kicks? Hmmmm. If I can wait just 14 more days we have our first REAL appointment, complete with that mind-easing ultrasound. My blood pressure is going up just thinking about it, especially with my thick blood running through my veins.

As far as the little blueberry goes, he is growing a brain this week. And apparently getting his third set of kidneys. I find that fact rather odd and a bit disturbing but whatever The Bump says must be true. And yes, I'm referring to this blueberry as a boy right now because Nate is convinced we are having one. I'd be totally fine with another male addition to the fam and I know Henry and Nate would be in heaven. But then again, a little girlie girl wouldn't be so bad either. We shall see...


  1. 'pedro' lol that's funny.

    Have you done the Chinese birth chart to guess the sex?? I have never seen it proved wrong so far.

    Glad you and the blueberry are happy and healthy!

  2. Does it make me a horrible person that I'm a little glad you haven't escaped the nausea completely? I read about too many girls who didn't even get as much as a twinge of barfy feelings, and that's sorta annoying. :)

    And huge kudos to you for backing out of the marathon. I know that running (and any physical activity) can be perfectly safe during pregnancy, but you have to recognize that sometimes, your body just can't handle you pushing yourself as hard and you have to back off. So I say, good for you!

  3. So exciting! You are gonna be soocute all preggo!

  4. Dizziness!! Oh, the dizziness!! This was a HUGE symptom for me in the beginning. Thankfully, it has dissipated for the most part and only hits every once in awhile now, but in the beginning it was CONSTANT.

  5. That's pretty cool that they do a group meeting at the doctor's office for first-timers. Maybe the other people will ask things you didn't even think of and you will learn more as a result.

    That's a bummer about the running, but it will probably be nice to have an excuse to take leisurely strolls or jog for fun (that exists, right?) instead of for time or distance.

  6. Hi! I recently stumbled across your blog and have become obsessed! I love it. I'm also a runner, live in St. Louis and I've been married for a little over a month now. We're hoping to start "trying" early next year, so it's really fun reading your posts and seeing your progress. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I'm looking forward to more. (sorry, I hope this doesn't sound creepy or stalkerish). :)

  7. I love reading your thoughts about early on in your pregnancy -- congratulations on being preggers :)

  8. I have to agree that waiting for the checkups and ultrasounds is painful! Especially for the impatient...I think they should be mandatory at every checkup just so you can get a peek!

    Speaking of waiting and ultrasounds, at around 5 months, you should look into the 4D ultrasounds...they are ah-mazing!

    We had one and it's so crazy to look back at them now because my son really looks the same in his face...(again, I apologize for the unwarranted advice!)

  9. I enjoy Blueberry.

    And I always enjoyed the white spots floating in my eyes when I moved too fast toward the end of pregnancy too.


  10. OMG...I take off a few weeks to move and you go and get pregnant!! I am so excited for you guys! CONGRATULATIONS!! I can't wait to read and catch up on all the details!

  11. Hehehe a blueberry. That makes me giggle. I'm glad you're doing well. Sorry about the runs! I'm sure it was just that one time. Maybe it'll pick up a little. Keep us updated :-)

  12. So wonderful. I went back and read your posts to the point of when you first broke the news. I'm excited to follow you along this journey, and my prayers are with you!


  13. You are too cute. Congratulations! I love reading your "hidden baby chronicles."

  14. So cute Julia! I bet you're going to be one of those women who dont gain weight until their 6th or 7th month.

    How cool that your doctor has a group discussion for first timers. I'm catching up on a lot of your posts now and I had NO idea dizziness was a pregnancy symptom! Wow...so much to learn.

  15. My best friend just found out she is pregnant, and literally did the exact same thing as you! She took a few "cheapo" tests and had a line and a faded line, then bit the bullet, bought the digital, and BAM! Prego!! Yay!

  16. Chinese Gender Chart was wrong for me! :)

    I love your little blueberry. I hated our group appointment though. :(


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