Hidden Baby Chronicles: Eight Weeks

August 2, 2009

Buh-bye, blueberry.....hello raspberry!

Seriously? What an adorable little fruit? And 8 weeks sounds incredibly official to me, just so you know. We have now known about our little raspberry for a whole month. And in the exact same amount of time, we will be headed out of the first tri and probably ready to announce it here on this blog. Cannot.Freaking.Wait. Keeping this fatty secret is hard, you guys, seriously.

My 8 week belly pic is complete with a creepy face, since I had to use the tripod for this one instead of my hubby. A little more bloat this week, perhaps?

So I had my first parenting-related freak out moment today. I was in the shower, getting ready for work when BAM, it hit me. OMG. When I have a newborn baby to care for I will not be able to roll out of bed 30 minutes before I leave for work and focus on making myself presentable. How will I manage myself AND a newborn before work? I mean, I'm sure the baby will just wake up whenever, then need to be changed, fed, and dressed all before I even get a shower or breakfast. The logistics freak me out sometimes. Like, how in the heck am I going to manage that? I was also thinking about the grocery store (something I completely despise even when I'm all alone) and wondered, "Hmm, do you take the baby in with you, in the carseat? Where in the heck do you put the carseat when you push the cart?" I got a little panicky then realized that I have some time before I worry about those types of baby juggling issues. Let's make it to our first appointment first.

Which, oh em geeeee, it's only 7 days away now. Eeek! I think I'm going to be both a wreck and ridiculously excited for next Monday. Can't even breathe thinking about it but I'm trying to be all Zen and calm and stuff. Please, God, let it all go well.

So this week I have felt Fatigue like none other. I know I say that every week, but I am not joking with the following scenario: I came home from work one day and almost fell asleep at the wheel. Then walking up our stairs took me about 10 minutes because I couldn't muster up the energy to put one foot in front of the other. When I finally arrived upstairs, I had to literally collapse on the bed and just rest my eyes before I could even change clothes or tell Nate 'hello.' I even begged him to please change me out of my work clothes and into lounge wear but he didn't bite on that one. Ugh. He's both impressed and a little frightened of my new-found ability to sleep. Seriously. Let me give a little shout out to naps on the couch. Holla at your girl. I love you much. See you in a few hours, no doubt, drooling onto every single throw pillow we own is my new goal.

A little more barfy this week, too, but still nothing that is crippling me. And I had an epiphany while doing a little online reading: sometimes docs prescribe vitamin B6 for morning sickness. Well, duh....I already take 100 mg daily aside from my prenatal. I started taking it the month before we got pregnant to help lengthen out my cycle (guess it worked!) and now I wonder if that helps stave off my lurking morning sickness? Who knows, but so far I'm pretty stinking lucky to avoid bowing to the porcelain gods. I really just feel it lumping up in the back of my throat sometimes and food looks totally disgusting to me even if I'm starved. And when I become famished that's when I really feel nauseated, so it's truly a vicious cycle. Starving but nauseated. Fun times, I tell you.

But the gas, you guys. I think what I'm lacking in nausea I've made up for in gas. And bloat. And a disgusting taste in my mouth all the time. And peeing a lot. And sore boobs. Which, btw, are like porn star boobs in my opinion. I had a tiny bit of cleavage IN MY SPORTS BRA the other day. Fellow A-cuppers, there is hope, my friends!!

Oh and my sense of smell is out of control. Did I tell you about the time I SWORE I caught a whiff of Southern Comfort? Yeah, disgusting. I started sniffing around the house and asked Nate if he was secretly pounding shots of SoCo somewhere without my knowledge. It was at that point he backed away from his crazy pregnant wife and said, "Sweetie, do you need another nap?" Of course I did, what a fab idea.

I tried my first real cup of decaffinated coffee at brunch the other day and since it's been a whole month since I partook in my favorite leisure activity, I thought I would love it. However, I thought it tasted like battery acid and made Nate try it out to confirm. Guess it was just my wimpy taste buds because Nate thought it was totally fine. I still cannot believe I've stopped drinking coffee and my body hasn't gone into convulsions. Just wow. I still love you more than life itself, dear Starbeezie. Someday we will be lovers again. But not right now cause you taste like a dirty trashcan.

And finally, I've discovered a new favorite hobby: scouring the internet for nursery ideas. Holy cow. I am addicted. Lots of pictures to follow I'm sure but it's almost scary how much time I can waste dreaming about decorating a nursery. The nesting instinct is in full force....or maybe it's just my inner Martha Stewart coming out of hiding. Either way I'm literally dreaming about glorious cribs and mobiles and gliders, oh my!

So that's that. Me and my blueberry turned raspberry are hanging at 8 weeks trying to remain calm.


  1. Seeing what you consider “bloated” is laughable! You are so cute and tiny…I just know your gonna have the best little bump!

    As far as waking up…it is helpful to get blueberry on a schedule…as soon as possible. For the most part, (s)he will dictate a schedule, but once it’s time to go back to work, hopefully you have a schedule and you can get up (a little) extra early to get ready before you wake up blueberry! Because I tried the whole “shower-while-the-baby-is-in-the-bathroom-in-his-swing” and its no fun: worrying, hurrying, stressing…makes for a non-relaxing shower!

    Ps: I can’t wait for these “past-tense” posts to be over so I can see you all up-to-date!

  2. I am absolutely loving reading these hidden baby chronicles! It makes me excited for what I hope to be experiencing soon :)

    You look great by the way!

  3. B6 was a LIFE SAVER for me!

    Are you guys gonna find out what your having?!??!?!

    Omg, i will have a real live baby that is like months old by the time yours pops out, lol! :) yes, you still have freak outs that you are going to really have a baby even when you are almost 8 months prego! :)

  4. LOL I love these posts!!!! Lil raspberry is adorable! Loving the pink hair (haha). Glad you're still doing well. Oh and naps are glorious aren't they?

  5. Heeehe, you make me laugh! Reading these gets me all giddy for when I experience this! Can't wait to see nesting pictures, bring it!!! :)

  6. Haha! Too cute..
    As a reader, I have definitely noticed you've gotten a little crazier. But wittier, too.
    ; - )


  7. Girl, your so-called "bloat" looks like rock-hard abs to me! For reals.

    Enjoy this time and takes lots and lots of naps. I think this might be mother nature's way of making up for lost sleep in 9 months :)

  8. Yep, I'm with Nate on this one. I now think you're having a boy. Based on that being nauseated and starving at the same time was SOOO frustrating.

    As far as getting ready and having baby around in the AM, it's not too bad. Nate will be there to help (I hope!) and you can get a good schedule going before you go back to work. Don't freak out too much now -- there's plenty of time for that in the last month! :)

  9. Totally remembering freaking out about those same things. Somehow, when you're in the moment it just all works out. How you ask? especially for a planner, such as yourself. I am not sure but eventually, if you don't stress too much, it will all be okay.


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