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Since I'm opening my mind to the idea of purchasing a wedding album, I've fallen back into my old routine: scouring the internet for fabulous album designs. I posted about this site before but couldn't show individual pictures because I wasn't hip to the web shot action. Now, I'm all about it.

The best album design company that I've found is Modern Album Designs but they only work with professional photographers. I could try and twist my photog's arm to use them but I'm sure they are WAY out of my price range. Or I could just drool over their work and hope to become inspired for my own album. I'm still considering designing it on my own so I need all the inspiration I can get.

Let's get started, shall we? Try not to focus on the photography on these layouts [which is to die for, BTW], just the design.

First, I must have a stunning title page. Love this one because it's different and includes more than one picture.

I want lots of clean lines like this. Love the small, small, small, small, BIG style of this page.

Oooooh, a multi-picture page! LOVE it. Especially with the mix of color and B&W.

Again, the color with B&W is very appealing to me. As is the collage style layout.

Symmetry. Beautiful, simple symmetry. Plus a fabulous faded background.

I could totally go for a pop of color in some backgrounds, with similar shots like this.

Besides the fact that this bride has almost IDENTICAL flowers as me, I love this layout. With a passion. Maybe it's the colors or the detail shots on the left, but I love it.

Oh my stars, what a gorgeous gown. I've never seen one like it:) I wish my "dress hanging on the closet" shots looked like this one. Maybe photoshop could help me transform my gown into this buttery soft delight.

Bride with my same dress~love this layout of yours because it's symmetrical and fun. Two very good characteristics in my book.

We TOTALLY have a shot almost identical to this one. And I want it blown up and bled to the edge of the page, just like this one. Apparently I want my album to be just like my twin bride:)

Yep, we have this kissing series, too. Love the progression and clean lines.

Now this is interesting~One picture for the whole layout with a smaller one layered on top. I like!

Ah, back to the multiple pictures. Glorious.

Totally going for a "detail shot" collage like the right page here. We have enough of those to make a whole album and I love this idea to represent the details!

Love this one. Utterly fabulous.

Stair step detailed shots? Love. Multiple B&W getting ready shots? Even better.

I like the idea of expanding and deflating a few pictures that are from a similar time frame. Like getting ready, for instance. Great series here.

This is so striking to me!

First, I wish I got married on the beach [or maybe I just want to be there right now, either way.] Second, I love the full picture bleed of this shot. Sometimes keeping it so simple is the best move.

So what do you think? Anyone share my love for digital layouts like these? And to the married ladies out there....did you buy an album? And if so, are you happy with it? I know lots of girls don't ever get one or wait for years to buy one and I'm trying to avoid that situation.

My personal thought is that we spent way too much money, time planning, and effort on our wedding to skip the visual and permanent reminder of the best day of our lives. The day is over but the photos live on. And they aren't worth too much on my photographer's website. I want my album, dammit! :)


  1. I know just the blog for you -

    Robin is amazing at creating layouts, and has provided step-by-step directions on how to do it yourself!

    Oh - and you could totally steal that person's "dress hanging on the door" picture and use it as your own - no one would ever know :)

  2. Did an album not come in your package with the Brower's, or did you just not want one through them...? I guess I am confused, I know some people get their high-res CD and make an album themselves, but I just assumed with you using the Brower's, you got one in your package with them...
    I guess I am asking if you just opted not to?

  3. To clarify, No...I didn't receive an album in my package. It wasn't a part of their 'just starting out in St.Louis' package. But I paid them a lot less than what they charge now. I'm just that old school because I booked them in April 2006. Yikes!

  4. Julia,

    Ok, somehow I have got to get you to see some pages in my album. Because alot of the ideas you like are incorporated into mine. I guess I could snap pics and post them, but of cousre the resolution would be kinda crappy.

    You're smart...think about a solution to that. :)

  5. GET AN ALBUM! You will never regret it! You will always wish you had if you don't.....our kids love to look at it - it's like a fairy tale to them, and they get to see their parents as people who aren't just their parents...does that make sense?

    Go for it - splurge a little, it's a lifetime memory! Love the album designs you have have a great eye for detail and beautiful images!

    Good luck

  6. Those are some awesome ideas!! Let me know what you find out. I'll be getting a CD of all my images and will be looking for someplace to get my album from. Hopefully in the "affordable" price range :).

  7. The album was part of my package so I am getting one. My photog's are working on the layout right now and I believe I will get to see a digital version of it to approve before they create it. If that is the case, I will send you the link

  8. We haven't designed an album for ourselves yet. But for our parents, we used You can't customize the templates as much as you could with a designer but it might be fun to play with using your own pictures. Just a thought!

  9. Well, Sara beat me to recommending Robin's blog. Everything is specifically for a blurb album, but she has lots of good tips for making templates and using photoshop.

    I created a Mypublisher album for our parents and they LOVE them. I'm still working on ours. Every time I have something ready to go to print, I decide I don't like it and start all over again.

  10. I got a few pages with my package, but then I ended up buying like 10 extra pages. It was waaaaaay more expensive than I thought it would be, but soooooooo worth it. My photographer has a wedding album design company called Albumesque. She is really talented. I absolutely love my album. Any time I walk by it in the house, I have to stop and look. Here is ours, if you are interested


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