Quotes by Nate

For all you Nate fans out there:

  • He joyfully brought home a very nice, royal purple colored coffee mug from Caribou Coffee. I informed him that it was a pretty purple but he claimed it was a royal blue. When he finally caved in he said, "Is that why the girl who sold it to me said she really liked the color?"
  • After I consumed a few glasses of red wine: "Why are your teeth gray and your eyes red?" Gee I didn't know I was that attractive, honey!
  • We watched "America's Best Dance Crew" the other night and I'm truly intrigued by their dance moves. One girl dropped it like it was hot, while practically doing the splits and a deep squat all at the same time. It was the bomb and I tried to do it myself for sheer entertainment. When I hobbled back to the couch from a knee injury, Nate said, "You looked like a retarded frog." I normally don't like the "r" word but this was just too much to handle.


  1. Ha ha ha, I love the Nate quotes! And my other half once bought a pair of purple "work out" pants, thinking that they were blue. Apparently those are easily confused colors in guy world.

  2. That third one is so something Rob would say!


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