Hi, my name is Debbie.

Debbie Downer, that is.

I'm in a terrible mood. I mean, it's pretty nasty. If you don't want to read my downer post feel free to skip down to the next one for your pleasure. I kept that one happy and full of love. But if you want to hear me wallow a bit read on.

I woke up with a raging headache and could NOT drag myself out of bed. You see, it's a balmy 3 degrees in the morning with a high of 10 today. Just splendid, right? Then I tried to move my arm to shut off my alarm and I thought my shoulder muscles imploded on themselves. Turns out that painting for 18 hours , moving boxes, pushing furniture and participating in hard manual labor is not my thing. But wouldn't you know---I work in a physical career and have to lift people all day long. FUN!

I was so tired and distracted with everything we have to do in the next four days that it really affected me at work. One of my patients was talking to me for a straight five minutes before I realized I was daydreaming about boxes and paint colors and hadn't heard a single word she said. What a great caregiver I am, right?

Then when the longest day in history FINALLY ended, Nate somehow convinced me to go to the grocery store. We all know how I feel about that, right? It was even worse today because I kept reminding myself of this fact: anything we bought that we couldn't eat in four days would have to be moved....to a kitchen that won't be finished. As much as I'd enjoy downing two pounds of turkey breast in a week, it's probably not the best idea.

Everyone annoyed me today. People on TV, people at work, and especially people at the store. I know it's because I'm stressed and apparently can't cope with the chaos of our lives right now. My inner O.C.D. reared it's ugly head when I freaked out at Nate for having FOUR PAIRS of shoes at our doorstep. Freaking four pairs, you guys. It made the multiple cardboard boxes and random crap spewed around our apartment even more unbearable. Do you think I need a shrink? Seriously?

So let us all pray together:

Dear God. Please help Julia be a pleasant person for the rest of the week. Please prevent her from blowing out her back by moving heavy objects and keep her from biting off her husband's head. It'd be nice if you could pull some strings and cause the temperature to soar above 32 degrees for one measly little day on Friday, but we all understand that you receive great pleasure from watching Milwaukeeans endure the worst winter ever. We are asking for Julia's bad attitude to vanish after a night of much needed rest, so she can start the whole freaking thing over again tomorrow. Amen.

So yeah. Just call me Debbie. The end.


  1. Don't worry- I think the mood thing has got to be weather related. I had a whole week full of bad attitude last month. My poor husband was so nice to me and even took me out to a french bistro on a tuesday night to cheer me up. Don't worry-do something to pamper yourself like a mani pedi or a blow out- feeling cute helps- even if the weather sucks.

  2. I second Midwest Prep. I think my angst is partly weather related. I'm tired of wearing the same sweaters/rest of my clothes. I hate my apartment, etc etc. It helped last night to just chill on the couch with some hot chocolate and some deep breaths. Just know that we're half way through Feb with spring just around the corner !!

  3. Hi! My name's Debbie too! Nice to meet you. Maybe we can have our own little pity parties in hopes of depressing each other into feeling better? Or is that logic way to backwards?

    You're almost there though and it will be so worth it!!! You're new place is adorable and it'll be awesome to get out from under that rent payment. After you're done, you can treat yourself to something nice with the money you save from the payment and then bask in the thought of saving for a house to move into again ;).

    Cheer up! It's amazing what we can get through just when we think we can't take anymore. I'm sure Nate understands and everyone else will just have to get over it :)

    Maybe I should listen to my own advice?

  4. Good to know we're all in the same boat. I feel like such an ass when I'm a grump all day, but sometimes we just have to have a day like that! It can't be helped! Especially with weather like this every freakin day.

    It's almost spring. We'll make it. :)

  5. bummer, I hate when I can't get out of a bad mood and I know I'm being a jerk. Hope things start to look up!

  6. You would have died at Phil's seven pairs the other week...seriously, seven. I think the man has more shoes than I do. Should I be worried?

    Sounds like you need a night to spoil yourself. Wine and a bath, perhaps? Spring will be here soon! Keep toughing out that awful cold in WI, and remember that it means you'll also get to miss the awful heat here in MO :)

  7. Julia,

    Moving is stressful, add moving and renovating while in terrible weather and I would say that you are doing quite nicely.

    And everyone deserves to be a downer once in awhile.It is your right as a tax paying citzen.

  8. Thank you ladies! I'm better today after some much needed sleep. It helps to have a virtual support system to hear me out sometimes!

    And yes, I think a pampering night is in order. I'm going to take my mother-in-law with me to a spa or something for some relaxation time...as soon as we are settled.

    Thanks again, I-friends:)


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