Transitional phases

I was going to wait until the place is finished to post these progression pictures but what the heck. I have enough shots right now for a good post and maybe I'll do it again at the very end of the process. If you want my written tale of the move please read the next post. This one is all about pictures:)

A. The sink wall 'before':

'during' part one:

and 'during' part two [current]:

B. The stove wall 'before':'during' part one:

and 'during' part two [current]:

'before' [who wants to come for a visit??]:

and 'during':

still 'during' [current]:

A. TV wall 'before':

'during' the painting process:

and 'during' the settling process [current.]:

B. The window wall 'before':

'during' the move:and 'during' the settling process [current]. What a difference curtains make!

A. The archway wall 'before':

'during' the painting process:

'during' moving day:

and 'during' settling in [current]. That couch is going to find a new home and the boxes are for our 'someday' kitchen:B. Dining room built-in wall 'before':
and 'during'. I'm still working on those damn white rectangles and they are taking forever to turn Tepee Brown!


'During' moving day:

and 'During' settling in [current]:

So there you have it: my work in progress. Lots of changes and it looks better each day. I can't wait to hang pictures on the walls and finish the details that make a house a home. But I thought you'd enjoy some transitional pictures:)


  1. Everything looks fabulous!! Yay for starting to get settled.

  2. Everything looks so great! I can't believe how much you guys have accomplished in such a short period of time.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the family room. All your color choices go so well together. It came together really well.

  4. I LOVE your new place! It has so much character and with your taste, it will look fabulous. You're almost there!

  5. Congrats on surviving the move! Nothing sucks worse than moving... except moving in extreme heat (the day we moved it was mid-August and 105)or extreme cold! Glad you made it out alive... 2 Men & a Truck are worth every penny!

  6. I am so glad you're back and that you survived the move! The place looks great, your color choices worked out perfectly. And yay for running water!

  7. Congrats on a successful move! Everythings really coming together...can't wait to see it when its finished.

  8. I'm glad you are back in the land of the living! I feel your moving pain... we moved when Emma was 6 months old (imagine diapers flying everywhere!). I totally envy your pimp labeling skills. You always need random stuff you can't find. Your new home looks so sweet. Congrats!

  9. Looking really good. I cannot stand moving, and I totally related to your final carload sucking. That part is the worst, because without that stuff in boxes, you feel like you have to find a home for all of it immediately. That may be just anal ol' me, though. Great job getting things to look homey, even if it is not complete. Love the paint colors, the furniture , the new cabinets and the wood floor.

  10. Julia - the place looks great already. I love the color choise with your furniture/bedding. I can't wait to see more picture as you get settled in. Congrats on the move being over!

  11. Wow the colours you chose for the walls does WONDERS for the place!
    I can see how it is starting to look more like a home now, without all those boring white walls!


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