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I've used Google Analytics for a whole month now. So I'll show you my graphs if you show me yours? The nerd in me can't resist a good table or graph. Sorry if this is boring for you all but I think it's pretty cool.

In the past month, I've had 4,192 visits from 1,012 visitors. Good work, people. That number is crazy to me so let's analyze, shall we?

First of all, holy crap. The world is watching my transitional life! Japan? Singapore? Bulgaria? Wow!

And for my fellow Americans, way to work it, top 10 states! The Show Me State is holding it down for me but The Dairyland is a close second. Kind of symbolic, huh? The coolest part is I've had visits from 41 states! Even Hawaii but not yet Alaska. I'll have to recruit from the final 9 states I suppose:)

Yesterday was my all time highest visitor rating! Mondays are always the highest trafficked day but at 209 visits from 138 visitors, yesterday beat my top score by over 10 people. The dips always occur on Saturdays [what, are you people busy or something?] and my worst day was right after I moved. I suppose you listened when I told you I'd be gone for awhile, huh? Well all but 35 of you listened:)

And now for my top 10 referral sources: a vast majority of you type me into your browser [is that the right term?] but check out The Seven Spot! Sarah's referral for my "motherly love" post kicked some major A! Then comes Kristal with her fantastic blog. Gotta love links to other blogs, right? How else would be blog hop?
One of my favorite parts of the referral source option is checking out which blogs are linking to me, even if they've just referred one visit. I've found some fantastic bloggers this way because I have 63 sources right now.

As for my most popular content? I think it's just the opening page [I'm assuming that's what the / means]. But look at my Mom's journal post! Wow! And I never knew so many people read the "Why Blog" or the "100 Things About Me" links, either. Glad I have them on there!

Visitor Loyalty? That sounds intense, doesn't it? It's interesting to me that a majority of my visitors have only stopped by once this month. That makes me a little sad...I guess I didn't hook enough of you. But then I skip down to the 9-50 time mark and feel a little happier. For the past 30 days some of you have been busy blog surfing! I won't even touch on the 3 people who've visited over 200 times in the past month. WOAH.

So does anyone else use and love Google Analytics? Anyone else care to show some graphs?
Why does this type of detailed, organized stuff make me so happy? Oh, that's right....because I'm a Type A:)


  1. Cool!! I'll post my analytics in a few days. ;) it's amazing what a little drama can do to your post count...

  2. I'll admit I am one of your blog stalkers--it give me something to do at work so I'm always checking for updates!

  3. I'll admit, that's the ONE negative to wordpress - you can't use google analytics. However, active meter seems almost as cool, so I'm pretty excited about that.

    We seem quite alike - the scrapbooking, the dreaming of awesome room layouts, photo books, complete type A, and don't forget the husbands named Nate :)

    I've officially added you to my blogroll - hope you don't mind!

  4. I think that's great! If wordpress could do it, I'd be obsessed with it. It has a blog tracking program but it's not so elaborate. I'm lucky if I have 20 people per day. I learn about new blogs by clicking on the blog rolls on my fav blogs. That's how I found you! I hope to get new people like you reading my blog too.

  5. Our analytics have been crazy ever since my sister Erica started posting them on We are getting huge visits, yesterday alone we got 8,006 and they are normally staying there around a minute, longer would be better though. We are not getting many people who come back again and again, many unique visitors. I guess we gotta work on our fan base!


  6. I will work on figuring out how to post my graphs, but I wanted to let you know you are my #2 source so thanks for linking to me!!!

  7. Can't focus at work and was cracking up at someecards, and this one fits perfectly with this post

  8. very cool! how do you do google analytics? i think i am going to have to try that later- is it linked to blogger or can i just google it?

    lol i love graphs too! :0)

  9. Google Analytics is addicting. So are blogs. I need to find time for my job :) Congrats on the many visitors!

  10. Wow! That's awesome. I would show my graphs, but frankly they're kind of sad. It's fun to see where all your visits are coming from though!

  11. Kristal~now I know why you'll post your numbers...drama really boosts popularity, huh? :)

    Amber~so YOU were one of the 3 stalking me over 200 times? :)

    Sara~I left you a comment but now I'm a little hesitant to switch to wordpress. I really love my G.A.!

    Hanna~ I read your blog regularly! It's quite good and I'm sure you'll get more readers as you go along.

    Kate~ I was wondering what the heck stumbleupon is, because I 've read about it before. Maybe I'll look into that. I'm not sure THAT many readers want to read about my nonsense!

    Amanda~Glad to be your #2! Linking is fun:)

    KIM~I should have added a Some Ecard to this post, dammit. See? There's a perfect one for every occasion.

    Harmony~I left you a comment but G.A. isn't hard, let me know if I can help.

    Sharon~thank you! The online world is scarily addicting, isn't it?

    Stephanie~I'm so glad you are back at commenting! I missed you:)

  12. I am ashamed and embarassed, but I can't get my GA to work!!!!

    I installed it but for the past two weeks it has still said waiting for date.

    ::Hanging my head in shame::

    It is totally cool the exposure you are getting, obviously everyone knows you are awesome. :)

  13. Hey Julia! How do you install Google Read and Analytics? I am a little slow when it comes to this...I still need to figure out how to make a background for my page!

  14. I'm with Lauren on this. Maybe you could give us a blog tutorial or something...


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