Snow Day!!

I'll take a break from packing to share a little snow day fun with you.

Remember this picture I took today at 10 am?Now here's one from 4 pm. It's not a blurry picture, it's just that windy and drifty outside.
And our poor apartment looks like it got attacked by mother nature.

Come back, boys!Blizzard time!

The poor trees were taken by surprise.

Fire hydrants, too.

But Henry was in heaven. He really considers himself a snow dog. Such an action star!

Don't mind that snot running down my face, or my mascara.

Then Nate decides he needs his own action shots. Dive bomb!

Enough of that. Look at all the snow falling off our dog.

YIKES! Enough said.

Eating the snow-dingle berries!

Our couch is a disaster, much like Henry.

Dear Milwaukee, thank you for the fabulous snow day. Love, Henry....


...and Julia.

[that's the best bitch face I can do on command.]


  1. I do not envy you.... That doesn't help the situation does it? Henry is SO cute!

  2. Oh dear God! I lol'ed at Henry on the couch! That is so a Roxie (my dog) thing to do.

  3. Love the action shots! Henry looks like he's having a blast and Nate could have been buried in that snow! Crazy! I can't believe Nate let you post that pic... or does he know...? :)

  4. that's a lot of freaking snow I think the entire state of Oklahoma would just shut down if we got that much snow. We freak at 2 inches and call off school and stay home from work. I can't imagine what we'd do with 20 inches we'd literary just cease to function as a whole.

  5. Damn! That's a lot of snow! I do not envy you but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun playing in it!

  6. At least you got to enjoy it...


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