My boss called me yesterday evening. Apparently the hospital is swamped and we needed extra help today. So instead of basking in the glory of my pseudo-weekend, I agreed to work today for four hours. Not that I wanted to sacrifice part of my free time but I'm a big fat pushover when it comes to stuff like this. I don't want to disappoint people and I'd feel WAY too guilty saying, "No, I cannot work because I need a full 48 hour break from that place." If I didn't go in today I would have sat around and felt really bad for the other therapists busting their butts while I leisurely unpacked my life. Is that pathetic or what?

Because seriously, let's review for a minute: I worked every day last week except Friday, which was busier and more stressful than a work day. Then I worked both Saturday and Sunday, then Monday, Thursday, Friday and I'm also working this Saturday. Overtime pay is cool and all but I don't want to burn myself out, either. I need to find a career that allows me to 'work from home.' I could totally handle staying in my pajamas all day while taking TV/Computer breaks. I know the grass is always greener but seriously, this is ridiculous.

I decided that I'm going to suck it up and pay for a nice vacation for our one year anniversary [Memorial Day weekend]. I've already asked for time off but I considered just staying home and lounging around to save money. But now I realize we NEED to get away and we deserve a vacation. The budget will just have to absorb a little trip for once. Life is too short, right? I'm going to repeat this phrase while purchasing plane tickets.

Any ideas? We were thinking of Boston or Napa Valley because we've never been to either place. Now let's not get carried away here, ladies, I don't want to spend an arm and a leg or anything. Just a nice little breather with my hubby for a few days to celebrate the first year of our marriage. So who wants to be our travel agent? Is Boston warm enough in May [because I'm totally not into a cold destination]? And is Napa really THAT expensive?


  1. You should talk to Lisa about Napa Valley - that's where her and her DH went for their honeymoon. ;)

  2. Boston is OK in May but I think you would be better off in Napa, also one of my must-go-to list. IMHO, the perfect month to be in Boston is August/September. :)

  3. What a perfectly timed post - just spent the past hour trying to keep my jealousy at bay while graciously helping my co-worker look for shorts and coverups for her Mexico vacation next week. So since I'm already thinking of fun vacation spots and getting away... I vote for Napa. A little (or a lot of) vino and beautiful California... sounds heavenly to me...

  4. I would definately say Napa in May. You should also check into Boonville, CA. It's in Anderson Valley a little ways northwest of Napa. There are great wineries there, and the people are so nice. I stayed at the Boonville Hotel. It was super nice, very romantic, and to date one of my favorite trips ever.

  5. It's hard for me to ever turn down either city, but Napa was always a nice place to run away to for my many years in California. The grapes are beginning to show well in May and the weather isn't too warm yet. The only gripe is that it's usually very crowded over that weekend.

  6. Yes, go to Napa!!! It was the best trip I have ever been on. And, yes, it is expensive, but there are definitely things you can do to keep it reasonable.

    Look into the Embassy Suites in downtown Napa. A nice hotel that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. http://tinyurl.com/ypvz3d It's still about $260.00 a night, but you can find much cheaper in the area. I recommend flying into Sacramento and renting a car. It's about a 40 minute drive to Napa from the airport.

    Also, to avoid as much driving as possible while you are touring some wineries look into a group tour. We did www.platypustours.com and it was awesome. $75.00 per person includes your transportation to and from the hotel, a picnic lunch (that was fabulous), and cheese and crackers while on the bus. Josh and I had a blast! The pictures on my wine post from a while back were all from the day on our group tour.

    Your other expenses are wine (you can decide how much to purchase and what to spend) and meals. The only meal that Josh and I really splurged on was dinner. The hotel had a continetal breakfast and we did picnic lunches (so many wineries have great spots for this) with good picked up from Dean & Deluca or Oakville Grocer.

    Enough of my rambling!!! As you can see we LOVED Napa Valley and I would be happy to answer any questions that you have. :)

  7. Thank you for the info, Lisa! I'm getting really excited now. I love researching and planning stuff like this, so we'll see what happens.

    So far CA is winning by far! Wine and warmer weather [it HAS to be warmer than here, with our below zero windchill].

  8. darin and i looked at napa for our honeymoon- mucho mucho money! but we opted for las vegas- and that wasn't much cheaper lol

    boston is freakin fantastic! or so says my hubby- i would say boston- but napa valley is definately very romantic :0)

  9. You know how I feel about Napa, but yes, it really is expensive. Our credit card bill that month was almost half of what I made my first year out of school. Granted, I was paid shit money, but still... Very expensive.


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