Snow Emergency?

No kidding? We're getting more snow? But seriously you guys this is craziness. They have declared a "snow emergency" for the city of Milwaukee which basically means you can't park anywhere on the streets or you're totally screwed. The word "emergency" worries me a bit, you know?

Just guess how many inches we are supposed to get with this blizzard. Up to TWENTY INCHES of snow from now until tomorrow afternoon. This is absurd! I've seen ranges from "9-14", "10-16", and just "14+" for our area.
Then there is this forecast. Read Wednesday's forecast....right after it says "Total snow accumulation 14 to 18 inches."

There you have it, folks. 20 inches of snow=me moving to the South. Permanently. This is the last straw, I swear I can't take this anymore! I can handle 6 inches no problem. 7-8 inches? No sweat. But 20 inches is just beyond my capacity to deal.

And to make matters worse? Tomorrow is the day I get to venture downtown, in a city I don't know, to participate in a judicial nightmare called Jury Duty. How am I supposed to get downtown in this snow? If I just don't show up will they prosecute me? I've already called the inclement weather hot line and it is worthless. It told me to call back tomorrow at 7:30 am but I'm already praying to the Dear Lord in heaven that it is somehow canceled.

Just imagine: I could sleep in, NOT go to work, then after the plows come along I could go over and start painting the duplex with a nice cup of Irish Coffee in hand, while jamming out to some killer tunes. Nate doesn't even have to work until 5 p.m. so I could even spend some time with my husband for once [while painting, of course.]

Cross your fingers that: 1. I don't die in this blizzard, and 2. That my Jury Duty gets canceled. Please, God. Just this once!


  1. My fingers are crossed for jury duty being canceled. And even if it's not, I think you should claim that you can't make it. When I was in high school, I was subpoenaed to testify in court and I forgot about it and never showed warrant was ever put out for my arrest. ;)

  2. Yikes! Jury Duty totally freaks me out and going to a part of the city that I don't know freaks me out even more. Pull a Sex in the City/Carrie Bradshaw and say, "Before 9am I think everyone is guilty."

  3. Ugh, I know! For the record, I am still so over this weather. Ugh!

    from the looks of it, your jury duty will be canceled. It seems like everyone is freaking out and canceling everything.

  4. Julia. That's ridiculous. I have my finger's crossed for ya!

  5. Wow, 20" of thank you! I'm really hoping as I'm writing this, you've already found out that jury duty was indeed canceled and you're enjoying painting your new home :)

  6. I'm really jealous of all your snow! Want to pass it directly East of you to Canada? (I looked at a map just to see exactly where Milwaukee is in comparison to where I'm from and we are directly east, I think on the exact same latitude. Crazy!)


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