Fumes part two

I'm only posting tonight because I love you all. And I know that Monday is the biggest blog reading day I get from my fans. And I don't want to disappoint.

But I must say that I'm beyond exhausted right now. I won't whine too much but I'll just mention that I spend 10 hours at the duplex today. Two coats of paint for the dining room [which was a total PITA because of the molding] and the final coat for the bedroom. We also shopped for refrigerators but had no luck. Looks like we won't have a working kitchen by Friday when we move in but I honestly don't even care at this point.

So pictures....that's what you want, right?

Well, Henry must really like the Toffee Crunch color because he ran right into my wet wall and added a few more brown patches to his fur. It would not come out and I'm sure our groomer will be thoroughly confused when he goes back. Check out his ribs and hip:

That is Sammy, my in-law's dog. He and Henry are best buddies despite the fact that Sam pretends to hate Henry. Secretly they are in love and talk about how crazy their owners are all the time. I just know it.

Here is my project from today: the dining room. The molding rectangle things will not be this stark white. I picked "Brown Tepee" which is one shade lighter than the Toffee Crunch for the detailing. It's going to take me days to complete but I really like it.

The rectangle on the right has the Brown Tepee proudly displayed. The one on the left does not. Can you tell a difference? The light was really crappy at this point but I promise it is pretty. And it literally took me an hour to paint the sucker because of all the ridges and valleys in the wood. It adds character, right?

And the family room is officially cleared of all junk, floors are washed and it's ready for our furniture! The bedroom is also completely cleared out and the dining room is almost bare also. We are really doing this, you guys!
So that was my weekend: 18 hours of painting, moving boxes, moving furniture, cursing, laughing, drinking coffee, eating great food by my mother-in-law and feeling 100% satisfied at the end of the day. Satisfied and freaking tired. And a little bit excited to move into this next phase of life. Our current apartment is so bare it doesn't even feel like home anymore, which makes me a bit sad. This apartment represented a special time in our lives: a big move to a new city, first time living together, starting our lives as newlyweds. We'll miss it!


  1. The Henry stories always crack me up...love his new fur. And the place looks great! Nice work!

  2. Ick, painting sucks, so I feel your pain. Try and be lazy today, you have earned it!

  3. Looks like you've made a lot of progress!!

    Poor Henry!! But I laughed a little...haha

    Can you even MOVE your arms or any body part after all that work? 18 hours of painting alone I'm pretty sure would kill me! You are a rock star!

    Oh! And I appreciate your posting even though you're so tired! My workdays are slow and I need high class entertainment!

  4. Wow! That looks fantastic! I can only imagine how good it will feel to get it all done. What a great move you guys are making!


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