It's official!

Our apartment is rented! WHOO HOO!

February 15 will be moving day. I'm totally going to stalk some moving companies tomorrow to see if I can swing a deal, somehow. I have to get movers. It's worth my sanity for sure.

So goodbye, you little money pit apartment!
And hello you fabulously free duplex!
Bring on another transition, baby!


  1. Congrats Julia!!!

  2. That's awesome Julia!

    IMO movers are totally worth the money, especially in this case where you are moving so very quickly. Next time we move I am totally going to budget for them, this last time was a huge headache and I was sore for a week afterwards.

    If worse comes to worse some places like UHaul actually have the option of adding on "moving helpers". They show up and do most of the work, but they are usually cheaper than actual moving companies.

    Good Luck!

  3. congratulations to you guys! what a relief. living rent free would be awesome.

  4. That's awesome Julia!!

  5. Yea! Congrat! We used Two Men & a Truck... do they have them up there? They were great for us!

  6. Congratulations! That must feel like a weight off your shoulders!

  7. I think I missed the part of your blog that explains why you get to live rent-free in this duplex?

    Well, whatever the reason - hell yeah! That's awesome.


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