Brain Dead

Note to self: Painting walls for 7 hours straight will greatly deplete your brain cell count.

Other note to self: We are NOT moving again for a very, very long time. And when we do, it will be a move to our first house, which should be our 'forever home.'

As an update for some of my newer readers: we are moving into a duplex owned and lived in by my wonderful in-laws. They live downstairs and we will live upstairs. We each have our own separate entrances, kitchens, baths, and two bedrooms. The duplex is 80 years old and absolutely adorable but needs a lot of work. And we are moving on Friday, so we are slightly overwhelmed.

I spent the entire day painting the family room and bedroom. They are totally fabulous now but my head still hurts from the fumes. Oh, and my back, hands, and arms all hurt from lugging the fourth round of boxes out of my car. Four car loads down and only a few more to go---then it's up to our movers to do the rest. I've decided that I'd rather gouge my own eyes out of my head before I start a career as a mover. It totally sucks and automatically puts me in a grouchy mood. Why have we accumulated so much CRAP in the eight short months we've lived together?

Enough of my griping, how about some pictures??

I present to you: Olivine family room.

The pictures are a little dark because the sun sets at freaking 4:00 these days but you get the idea. Two whole coats plus some trim work. There is a small trim at the top of the ceiling, before the curve begins. We left that off-white but I'm thinking of doing a khaki color to off set the ceiling a bit and tie in the toffee color in the dining room. We'll see.

The boys worked on hanging cabinets today. So far so good! I overheard lots of curse words and self praise which always makes for a fun day.

I also completed one coat of our Stone Fence gray in the bedroom. It looks very blue in natural light but turns more gray without it.
Same trim at the top here, which I'm also thinking of painting a khaki color. And yes, I had to rock pigtails today because my hair refuses to stay out of my face these days. And pigtails totally say, "Time to kick some painting ass."

So now Nate is at work and I just took a hard core nap. Tomorrow he works again so I'll make the trip to the duplex solo and finish painting the bedroom and start the dining room. Geez this is a lot of work in a short time but it's going to be worth it!

On another note, the high for tomorrow is 2 degrees. That will make it all the better for moving boxes and hating life in general:)

Another thing that really stresses me out is the fact that we may not have internet for awhile once we move. For a computer junkie like myself this could spell a nervous breakdown. My in-laws currently have dial up [I know, it's shocking] and we are trying to convince them to modernize with Wi-Fi. We'll gladly pay the difference but I'm worried it won't pan out in time. I may be sneaking trips to a coffee shop to blog for awhile. And I'm totally serious.


  1. I love both the paint colors. We have a similar green in our bedroom~it's so cozy. Painting does suck, but the end reward is worth it!
    p.s.~my WORST painting experience was painting our kitchen red. It took a primer plus 9 coats of paint. I am not exaggerating. I finally finished and loved the end result. Then my husband commented, "Our kitchen looks like a Campbell's soup can." Red paint, white tile and stainless appliances. Leave it to a man to find food somewhere in the equation.

  2. p.s.~your pup is so flippin' cute, I can hardly stand it!

  3. Very good paint color choices. I especially love how well the green works with the wood trim color and how it accents the cove in the ceiling. Your bedroom is going to turn out great as well. Those steely blues are hard to photograph and it will probably always look better in person than in any photo.

  4. Wow! That molding is gorgeous! I love the wood trim too. I know before you said you like white, but I think wood looks so homey and warm. The colors look great!

  5. Love that green you picked Julia!

    You are an intensive painter, i hate painting...i am currently putting in baseboards in our house, it's driving me nuts!

    Keep us posting on the progress...and thank you for the nice post and encouragements!

  6. Whoops. Sorry, I'm having a stalker moment! I love the green. That's the same color we used in our living room only a short 1.5 years ago. After obsessing over a blue in the pottery barn catalog, I tried to convince DH to let me change the paint color. Your pictures reminded me that the green rocks and maybe should stay put for awhile (DH will be so thankful to you ;-) )

  7. that color in your duplex is fabulous! so earthy and cool :0)

    our brains are total nsync- not like the band- you know what i mean! :0)

    painting is soooo tiring- i painted my friends apartment with hubby and we were beat- that made us realize we never want to paint again until we own our first home!!!!

  8. Wow julia it is looking so awesome! Are you leaving the ceilings white?

    Such an awesome color to use if you have good decor to go with it and I am sure you do!

  9. Oh, I feel your pain. Two years ago, I spent the entire month of February remodeling and painting our half of our duplex before moving into it. After that, I swore that if I never had to paint again it would be too soon!

    Everything looks great though! I love the green in your living room. And I'm totally a sucker for all of the "old world charm" in the duplexes of Milwaukee.

  10. P.S. Major props to you for being able to live so close to your in laws! I love my husband's family, but I could never live right next door to (or upstairs from) them.

  11. Great choice of colours! And the molding is so fantastic - gorgeous!

  12. LOVE the color choices!

  13. The painting looks great! It'll be so nice to have everything all put together that it'll be worth all the hard work in the end.


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